Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday. Nice to see you.

I don’t suppose there’s ever been a Friday that I wasn’t happy to see.  The best day of the week, in my humble opinion.  So let’s kick this weekend off with a little confessing, shall we?

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I confess… that I had a doozie of a sinus headache last night, and it kind of made me loopy.  It started building in the late afternoon, and by the time I’d cut my grass (probs didn’t help), and went for a walk with Brenda, it had built right up into a boomer.  Popped some Advil, heated up my Magic Bag, and went to bed…then somehow woke up at 4 AM on the couch???  No idea how I got there, or why I went there… a headache-induced mystery, I suppose.


I confess… that after having a bad one like that, and I’ve shaken it, I live in fear of it coming right back again.  This morning, I can still feel it lingering.  It’s faint, and I know it’s either going to fade away completely, or come booming back.  I pray it fades…

I confess… that I’m so very excited to go out for dinner with some of my favourite ladies tonight.  It feels like it’s been a really, really long time since we had a good ol’ girls night out.  I can hear the Boston Pizza fishbowls calling my name!


I confess… that I *may* be going off the page a little with the diet today.  I mean, I’m pretty sure the Boston Pizza fishbowl is strike one.

I confess… speaking of fishbowls… My fish is totally living in the ghetto right now.  I don’t remember the last time I cleaned his tank.  He kind of just hangs out in the corner all the time, just him and his big goiter.  It amazes me every day that he is still alive.

I confess… it alarms me a little that I can’t even take care of a fish, yet I cry all the time over how badly I want babies.  I’m pretty certain I’d take better care of the baby, though.

I confess… that the highlight of my life right now is spending every evening with the men of Friday Night Lights.


I confess… that I’m starting to crave autumn.  With the fair coming up next weekend, it’s inevitable.  I’m ready for the leaves to start turning colour, cooler days, warm sweaters and jeans, and all the fun activities that September and October bring.

I confess… that this weekend is to be mother-effin’ hot.  Kinda of kills that fall buzz.

I confess… that I put one of my rings on my left-hand ring finger one night this week and left it there all evening.  Just to see what it would feel like.  Girl’s gotta play pretend sometimes, to make herself feel better.

That’s all I got for this Friday, yo! 

Have a good weekend, friends! :)


Stacy said...

can't wait for dinner either and i hear of these fishbowls...i am assuming they are alcohol and unfortunately i am driving - can't wait to see one though and I have a free starter coupon for our table to share some yummy cactus pototoes!

VandyJ said...

Those fishbowls look yummy but dangerous. Have fun!
I'm almost ready for fall too. The university where I work starts classes on Monday, Turbo goes back to school the Tuesday after Labor day. Summer is definitely winding down.

Aubrey S. said...

Hope you've kicked that headache to the curb by now.

Pizza and fishbowls sound like a good recipe for a Friday night.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Nicole said...

Now the question is.... what is in the fishbowl? And I love summer, but I'm with you, I'm kind of ready for fall. I think hoodie weather is the coolest I want. I like wearing them!

Ducky said...

I did the left hand ring thing recently. Just wanted to feel the weight again. :) You aren't alone lol

Those horrid migraines instill the fear in me as well. It always starts off a certain way and I know THAT headache is going to end badly...I probably make it worse with the worry and anticipation!

Caroline said...

I am so ready for fall & winter! Love your pictures! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jo said...

Those fishbowls look like fun :)

Have a great weekend

Jillian said...

I was kind of sad to see Friday come. My summer is officially done as I start school monday. but those fishbowls look interesting I haven't been to bps in months

Connie Weiss said...

Our 90 degree temps are killing my fall buzz too!

Mrs. Match said...

You would take great care of a baby, no question. And I'm so sorry you cry all the time over wanting one. I know exactly how you feel. :-(

I'm so ready for Fall!!! Come onnnnnn. I can't wait for the leaves, the weather, the clothes. Oh god, the clothes. :-)