Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

  • Our Internet was down at work yesterday.  Tell me, what did we do before we had the interwebs?  I felt like I was missing my right arm all day.  And I still had access to Facebook and Twitter on my BlackBerry.  If I’d forgotten it at home, I really would’ve been lost.
  • Remember back in March, when I dedicated a post to one of our best beloved Quyon girls, Mae?  Well, Mae and her chipstand – which is in the process of being sold – were kind of a big deal around here yesterday, as everyone was talking about her front-page feature in the City section of the Ottawa Citizen.  I admit, I had tears in my eyes as I read the article.  It just won’t be the same without her serving up the poutine!

Mae Photo: Chris Mikula, Ottawa Citizen

  • Last night was a good night.  After being severely disappointed that the Quyon Flyers’ first game of the playoffs was cancelled on Tuesday evening, I was grateful that we were able to make the trip to Manotick for the game last night.  A 6-1 win, lots of laughs with my nephew Caden (who was doing his darndest to embarrass me), and snuggles with Baby Neve…  A perfect August evening at the ball park!
  • Now I’m disappointed that I have to wait over a week for Game #2.  *sigh*
  • So, I’ve told you guys all about my Keurig and how much I love it.  But honestly, this morning, I was wondering how I ever actually survived before I had it.  Like, how did I even function?  I used to get up in the morning, get ready for work, and never, ever, have a sip of coffee.  I now feel like a zombie until I get a few good mouthfuls into me.  This week, I’ve been enjoying Green Mountain Hazelnut with a splash of fat-free French Vanilla Coffee Mate.  It is making my life.
  • How sad is that I’m that excited about my coffee?  I think it’s pretty sad…
  • Shawville Fair is on the horizon once again, and as we all know, the best part about Shawville Fair is…the food.  OK, so, others would tell you the big white tent, but not me.  I’m allllllll about the delicious fair food.  Remember last year, when my dad bet me that I couldn’t go all weekend without eating fair food?  I was successful, and it pleased me.  This year, though?  I ain’t making no damn bets with nobody. 
  • That’s not to say I intend to go overboard or anything – I mean, I’ve been doing really well for the past week and a half (down almost 5 pounds so far, woot!) - and I wouldn’t want to kill that in one weekend.  But I WILL have a slice of Billy T’s pizza.  I WILL have a 4H cheeseburger.  And I WILL probably have a Beavertail.  Just letting you all know well in advance, K?
  • Holy cow.  Just as I typed that, I got this sudden competitive urge that engulfed me – this self-imposed challenge, like, “Dude, I bet you can do it again – no fair food again this year – if you tried.”  WHAT THE HECK?!?!  Now my own HEAD is making bets with itself?!?  … crap.  -_-
  • Amazingly, this is the date that I started my last weight loss project, one year ago today.  I dropped 32 pounds between this date and Christmas of 2011, and then gained most of it back.  Funny how a year can both seem so long, yet so short.  Probably wasn’t super healthy of me to drop that much weight, then pack it back on in, all within the span of 12 months.  I’ll try to do better this time around.  But in my defence…it was one hell of shitty year.
  • I have two new favourite songs.

I actually loved this song back when Phillip sang it the week he was crowned the American Idol, but then kind of forgot about it.  I finally thought to download it last week, and I pretty much have it on repeat.  Along with…

Damn you, Taylor Swift, and your catchy damn songs.  It has literally been STUCK in my head for four days.  I only wish I had an ex that I could picture singing this to.  It would totally enhance it for me.

Happy Thursday, kids. :)


Nicole said...

Hmmmm.... we both need to figure out how you dropped all that weight and then we can do it together and be each other's cheerleader :)

Janette Johanson said...

I love your rambling posts!! SO, I have a blog friend who just moved back to Canada and I was telling her about you and I wasn't sure if you were apart of a facebook canada bloggers group or anything. I appreciate you giving me the heads up about what you plan to dive into for your guilty pleasures. I've been eating so bad but I can't seem to stop. I am proud of you for being down 5lbs... I decided I have a stomach butt. YEs, you read that right-- my stomach is a butt-- I saw it in a picture of myself recently... the shirt has been burned and I'm on the hunt for baggy clothes now. I do love some Taylor Swift... okay, that's the end of my rambles.

Stacy said...

Jo and I were just talking about your food strike last year at the fair...and how we were amazed that you went with it...way to go!

Steph said...

Taylor Swift is a no talent asshat. There I said it.

Why wouldn't you get excited about your Keurig? I wish I had one.

Yay for 5 pounds!

Connie Weiss said...

I really like this Taylor Swift song. It takes me back to high school.....

I wonder who she wrote THIS song about.

You never, ever, ever have to be ashamed to be excited about coffee.

Never, ever, ever.

Stacie said...

Oh man, fair food, suddenly I want a funnel cake or a deep fried something really bad!