Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WWTKW: I posted a lot of pics of hot boys. You’ve been warned.

Time for a little Wednesday Q&A – and this time, it’s the participants asking the questions!!

Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


Scriptor @ wants to know:
{one}Hmm, I’d love to know how many tattoos our readers/bloggers have and if they don’t, do they want one and of what?

I don’t have any tattoos…yet.  I wrote a blog post about this not all that long ago, which you can find here – but basically, I’m contemplating having “Forever Young” inked somewhere, possibly my ankle or foot.  It’s obviously for my last name being ‘Young’ (and my pride in my family name), as well as my love for Bob Dylan’s song “Forever Young”, and in honour of my cousins Troy & Jeff, and my dad too. 

Now I just need to get up the nerve to actually do it. ;)

Jenn @ wants to know:
{two}What is the best present you ever received?

I’m drawing a blank here… I love all presents! haha!  It’s the reason why I won’t let my mother abolish Christmas!  I remember when I was a kid, the year we got our very first computer – that sticks out as being a pretty big one.  I also remember the very first Sens jersey I got, from the family of a boy I was tutoring at the time.  And of course, I think I wrote about my best birthday present ever last year – when my friend Brenda got me tickets to a gala where Wade Redden was the celebrity guest.  That was very special!!

Jill & Wade 

Chelsea @ wants to know:
{three}Tall dark and handsome or pretty boys?

I think it’s safe to say I like my fair share of both. But, if you check out that picture above, you can see I clearly have a thing for the Tall-Dark-and-Handsomes.  Here are a few more of my current faves…

Ian Somerhalder + guitar = I swoon…

Josh Duhamel…um, yes, please.

Adam Levine.  He can sing to me any day.

James Marsden.  The reason I watch 27 Dresses once a week.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan + guitar = I swoon some more…

Jo @ wants to know:
{four}How did you meet your significant other?

Well, I met him at this little imaginary cafe in my head.  He was ahead of me in line, buying his imaginary muffin and coffee, and when I stepped up to order my imaginary latte, he offered to pay for it (with imaginary money, of course).  Then he asked for my imaginary phone number, and I wrote it down for him with an imaginary pen on a piece of imaginary paper.  And we have lived happily ever after in our imaginary little world ever since.

Oh, and did I mention…he looks like Ian Somerhalder and plays guitar too?

Yeah.  Imaginary. ;)

Mamarazzi and Crazymama  want to know:
{five}OK..YOUR turn, what question your you like to see featured on a future WWTK?

If you had to pick one song that you consider your absolute favourite of all time – which one would you pick, and why? 

(And I have no idea WHY I’m asking this question, because I honestly don’t know if I COULD pick one…but I’m curious to see what others might pick!!)

Happy Wednesday, y’all :)


Crazymamaof6 said...

Ian Somerhalder! delish! and Jeffery dean Morgan YUMMMY! totally awesome tall dark and handsome picks.

your imaginary meeting sounds ideal. you should write a book.

great answers! thanks for linking up!

VandyJ said...

Someday it won't be imaginary, but it will probably be a different scenario :) I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Jodie said...

What a good looking boyfriend you have. ;) I hope he plays Mr. Grey!!

Jennifer Cluff said...

what a cool idea for your tattoo... should definitely do it!
great pics! all equally 'yummy'!!
love you meeting scenario... hope one day that scenario happens for you... minus the imaginary part!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! Tattoos don't hurt as much as you'd think.

Emmy said...

I always hate those favorite song/movie questions as yeah I can never pick.

I still have not seen 27 dresses- definitely have to fix that

Jo said...

Jeffery Dean Morgan - yay! so so nice .... one day you'll meet him for real, you'll see!

Stacie said...

Excellent taste in men!

Beth said...

Haha! Ian Somerholder is totally a pretty boy. Just look at those cheekbones! ;)

I am getting you Wade for Christmas, I think. I do like your courtship story, to find a man worthy of you! :)

Nicole said...

tall, dark and handsome all the way :) haha

Anonymous said...

You should definitely get that tattoo on your foot :) It hurts but I promise it doesn't hurt that bad. I just got mine on my foot a few months ago and have wanted another one SO bad since.
That is a nice present - especially with Wade Redden as a guest!
Your tall, dark, and handsome guys - yum!!!
Great question! I hope to see it featured :) I too don't know what my answer would be though...

Anonymous said...

Your imaginery boyfriend story is much better than mine! I should have been more detailed!

Forgetfulone said...

Favourite song of ALL time? Eeeek! Maybe Love Train. An oldie but a goodie. I'm also not a fan of pretty boys.

Forgetfulone said...

Favourite song of ALL time? Eeeek! Maybe Love Train. An oldie but a goodie. I'm also not a fan of pretty boys.

Mamarazzi said...

holy man candy!! yummy.

your question is a tough one...but i am with ya i cannot wait to see what people say!

thanks for linking up, sorry i am so slow getting here. we have your question saved for a future WWTK.