Friday, June 08, 2012

We need boy name suggestions. GO!

I think it’s safe to say that baby fever has officially hit my family.

We are less than a month away from my sister-in-law Amanda’s due date of July 3rd.  On Wednesday evening, my mom, sister & I hosted a shower in her honour.  It was a great turn-out, and Amanda got so many lovely gifts.  Baby Young is officially geared up and I think they’re pretty much ready…we just need a BABY!!!

Yesterday, Amanda’s twin sister Steph and I launched “The Baby Young Pool”.  Luke & Amanda have chosen not to find out the sex of their baby, so we’re all very excited and anxious to find out what they’re having.  Also, Luke is a bit of a pool junkie – hockey, NASCAR, whatever’s going – so we thought it only appropriate that his baby have one too!!

They’ve chosen not to share any of their names with us, and have confessed to having trouble coming up with a boy name.   With that in mind, Steph & I encouraged our family & friends taking part in the pool to offer up name suggestions, and it has been an endless source of entertainment for the past day!   Obviously, some of them have taken this very seriously. ;) Here are some of the gems they’ve come up with so far (both boy and girl suggestions):

  • Borat
  • Ricky Bobby
  • Jamal
  • Windthorp
  • Larry
  • Alluwishes
  • Junior
  • Lorne
  • Ham Jr.
  • Georgette Bobette
  • Slow Walking Walter
  • Wade (and that came from not just me!! haha KAYLA!!)

…And several references to Luke’s favourite hockey player, Stevie Y, after whom their dog Yzerman is named.  (How wonderful would it be to have a son named Steve and a dog named Yzerman?…oy.)

Of course, I made my own horrible suggestion, even though I didn’t realize it.  Yesterday morning, my friend Lindsay and I were brainstorming, and she thought it would be cool if they combined their names: Luke + Amanda = Luka.  I thought it was brilliant, and immediately emailed the suggestion off to Amanda.

She replied with something like, “I’d probably be all over that, except that’s the name of the guy that chopped up that Asian lad and mailed his body parts all over the country.”

Oh.  Right.

Very bad choice, indeed.  Whoops!

So, bloggy pals, here’s where you come in.  Luke and Amanda need your help!  What are your favourite boy names??

I’ll start…Amanda already knows she’s not allowed to use my boy names…but I have offered up some of the following (Luka notwithstanding lol!):

  • Cole
  • Brett
  • Declan
  • Joel
  • Alden
  • Myles
  • Connor
  • Gavin
  • Court
  • Gage
  • Drew
  • Blake
  • Christian (I wonder where I got that one from…)

Any excuse to include another picture of Ian Somerhalder…

Have you got any to add to the list??  If Luke & Amanda happen to choose a name you suggest, I’ll even send you a PRIZE!!!

(I’m serious.)

PS – They have no idea I’ve turned their baby boy name dilemma into a blog post, but…well…you guys know baby names are one of my FAVOURITE things to talk about. ;)  Also, feel free to offer up girl names too, even though I think they’re pretty set on their girl name.  You never know, something they see could change their minds.

PPS – I realize I played this Baby Name Game not all that long ago, and you’re probably thinking, “COME UP WITH SOME NEW MATERIAL, JILL!!”  But you know…sometimes your fave names change, right?  I’m interested to see!!


Lindsay said...

Eeee.... I love baby names and can't wait to see what Luke and Amanda have! So heres a small list from me: (besides my first choice of Luka or Lukas)

- Collin
- Max
- Markus
- Mason

ashley said...

Ahhh, this post is just what I We are having a boy in August and we can't agree on one single name. Ryan and I definitely have different tastes in names. I went back to your other post and reread the comments, needless to say we will not be naming our son James Ryan like planned. Ryan changed that to JR and started calling him Junior. I put that to an end quickly.

A few of the names on your list above are on my list as well, especially Christian. I can only assume it will be a popular name, along with Emmett and such from Twilight for babies born lately. Of course Ryan isn't a fan.

Good luck Luke and Amanda, hopefully you find that perfect name. Wish I could suggest some, but that would be giving away my favorites. :)

Beth said...

Luka is also a girl's name. ;)

How about Aiden? Corbin? Asa? Brandt?

Kara said...

Well, I am OK with Brett, Joel or Connor and I liked Christian, but think it will become too popular in the near future. How about Kyle or Ryan or Alex - guess I like 4 letter names at the moment. A lady at work has a son named Devon, and I think that sounds pretty cool, too.

Anonymous said...

Two of my faves and I will not be using these as I am done so please feel free...Nolan Ryan (Baseball great! One of Luke's favorite past times)and Sadie (not after Jill neither)

Anonymous said...

Myles, Mason or Blake are my faves out of the names!

Sarah said...

From your list I like Connor, Joel and Cole. I also like James, Darron, Jonathan..or Jonathan Todd (JT) hehe

VandyJ said...

When we were naming Bruiser one of the names in contention was Finn. We both liked it but like our other choice better.
Turbo's middle name is Gage. We had a harder time coming up with a boys name than a girls name.

Crissy Durst said...

Sidney, which could be a boy or a girls name. ( Go Pens! ) Adam, Nathan, Storm, Thorne. Best wishes to the happy expectant parents and the whole family!

Steph said...

I love Myles and Gavin.

If Aubria was a boy were we going to name him/her Grayden and call him/her Grady. Looking back, I hate that name.

Heather smith said...

Carson or rylan!?

Anonymous said...

Gavin!! I like Nathan too... Haha!

Amanda said...

Love the name Declan!!!

What kind of names do they tend to like. Traditional? Popular? Unique? Old Fashion.

Ryder, Cash, Phoenix?

Our list of girl names is slowly getting shorter. I'm due July 7th, so maybe I'll see you guys around the hospital. Lol.