Monday, June 11, 2012

Forever Young…in permanent ink??

It’s Monday.  Generally the day I tell you all about the wonderful weekend that was.

Except this past weekend was marred by me getting drunk and gross, and I’d really rather not talk about it.  Let’s just say I hope the lovely ladies on Tracey’s Bachelorette forgive me for being a foolish mess; that my antics didn’t ruin their night; and that I never, ever, ever do that again.

*sigh*  So embarrassed.

Anyways.  On to a different topic.  One that will probably make my mother squirm even MORE than me discussing my inability to hold my liquor.

I want to get a tattoo.  And I want one SOON.

This is an item that I put on my 101 List, but one that I seriously doubted would ever happen.

I think I have talked about this before on the blog, but in case you don’t already know the story…

I never in a million years thought I’d ever want to get a tattoo.  It was just not something that interested me, not even during the late-teen craze when many of my friends were getting them.

The thought of being an old lady with wrinkly skin and having a butterfly tattooed on me somewhere just didn’t turn my crank, y’know?

Then, the dark days of summer 2010 came along.  My cousin Jeff passed away tragically.  That horrible week, a few of the cousins started talking about getting a tat in his memory – perhaps a green ribbon (for organ donation; we wore them in his memory at his wake and funeral), with his initials.   My mom was adamantly against the idea, and so was my aunt (Jeff’s mom).

I was still torn on what to do about it when two weeks later my cousin Troy passed away, also suddenly and unexpectedly.

In those numb days, reeling with shock and grief, I remember having one very clear and sobering thought:  Well, good thing I didn’t go ahead and get that tattoo.  I can’t just get a new one every time someone I love dies.

I pretty much gave up the tat idea… until I saw that my cousin Tiffany got “Forever Young” tattooed on one of her shoulders. 

And I loved it.

It holds a lot of meaning for me.  Of course, the obvious is that my last name is Young.  But also, since Troy passed away, the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song “Forever Young” have become very meaningful – I sometimes literally think the song was written for him.  Not only would it be in honour of him and our family name, but also for Jeff, who, because of his untimely death at age 28, will also sadly remain “forever young”.

And then there’s my dad.    He’s the reason I am a Young.  It would definitely be in his memory, too.  (I know, Mom – I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking Dad would’ve HATED me getting a tattoo.  But remember when I showed him Tiff’s “Forever Young”?  He liked it.  He said he wouldn’t mind that…)

These thoughts have swirled, died down and resurfaced, numerous times over the past year and a half.

Then, last Friday night, my friend Sharon took the plunge and got her daughter’s name and birth date permanently inked on her foot.  Sharon’s excitement over her tattoo has renewed my interest.

I’m going to do this.  I just need to decide where to put it…how big it should be…which font to choose…where to go to get it done.

I’m thinking just above my right ankle, somewhere that isn’t completely hidden all the time, but that isn’t overly-prominent.  I want it be fairly small, in a classic but attractive script.  I’ll need to do some research on where to go, based on reputation, cost, etc.

I have no idea how much it might hurt.  My mother might disown me.

But I think I’ve put enough thought into this.  It’s not a whim, and it’s not something insignificant.  It means a lot to me.

Now I just need to do it.


Lise said...

It hurts, but not so much that you won't want to do it again (says someone with an ankle tattoo inked in 2005 pondering a second tattoo.

VandyJ said...

I have nothing against tattoos.
If you've found the one thing you want forever, go for it. I'd get one, but have yet to figure out what I'd get that I want forever.

Jen said...

No bachy recap???? Bahahaha - poor you Jilly! Hope Sunday wasn't too rough. Love the tattoo idea - go for it!!!

Stacie said...

It hurts, but not too bad. But I have to say that in my older age, I regret it and wouldn't do it over, but that is just me.

PKB said...

It does hurt, to me it felt like somebody scraping me with a knife, or kind of like a bee stinging me nonstop for the whole 10-15 minutes it took to do the tattoo. I had to get her to stop half way through cause I felt like I was going to faint, but that's just me! I'm a baby. Some places on your body will hurt more than others though, don't know where your ankle fits in on the pain scale.

Anonymous said...

Picture it wherever you decide to put it at the age of 70 or 90...

Stacy said...

i have two - never had any problems with them - they didnt hurt at all and i have wanted a third for some time...just dont know where and what! Let me know when you go...maybe i will start brainstorming now!!

Jo said...

I don't have any but my husband has several and they all have special meaning for him. I think it's great.

Looking forward to seeing it ....

Nicole said...

A friend of mine's husband got their daughter's feet (you know when babies do the feet stamp on paper) on his shoulder with her name & birthday I think... or maybe just name. i can't remember and I saw it yesterday.

I'm not sure I have the guts to do it, just don't get the tramp stamp ;)

Nancy said...

Oh, Jillian! I have way too much experience with kids getting tattooed.Cara has a star for each of her friends and family who have died, and a gazillion other tattoos. Simon has his Mohawk totem which is a raven and some others, much more discreet that Cara's, that don't show when he gets dressed for work. Cara's nickname is Care Bear and the twins have Hugs and Tugs, the Care Bear twins on their butt cheek.

My friend Molly and I agreed to get a small dove (Holy Spirit) tattoo when I get ordained. I am now chickening out, too influenced by my Muslim friends and Leviticus which are against permanent marks.

Forever Young would be awesome (sorry, Elizabeth) if you decide to go ahead. The most important thing is to go to a place that is safe and clean. I can hook you up to a reputable place that my twins used successfully.

Yes, apparently it is painful, but I am told that is part of the culture. Different body parts hurt more or less.

Good luck!