Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lots to Love this Wednesday…

Several of my favourite ladies have decided to go with the What I’m Loving Wednesday link-up today, and I’m going to join in the fun!


Hosted by Jaime at This Kind of Love

I’m loving…the forecast for the next 7 days!  Sunshine and heat!!  This is what you call the PERFECT Canadian summer so far! :)

I’m loving…that I get to cut the grass tonight.  Weird.  Since when do I love cutting the grass?  But honestly, I’m just so excited to get home and jump on my riding mower for an hour.  Really. What is this world coming to…?

I’m loving…reading through everyone’s lists for yesterday’s Tuesday 10 posts!  The ‘90’s theme was so much fun!!  I seriously could’ve done a Tuesday 20!!!

I’m loving…that I heard two of my current favourite songs on my drive in to work this morning.  BOTH from One Direction.  It’s hard on my 5-minute drive to work to hit a good song, if any at all (so much darn talk in the morning).  So it just started my day off right, going from “What Makes You Beautiful” to “One Thing”.  They’re catchy little buggers.

One Direction - One Thing Lyrics

I’m loving…the mug of Twinings English Breakfast tea that I had this morning.  So Anastasia of me, huh?  Well…I bought it on purpose, just for the Fifty Shades reference.  I may never be Ana Steele, but I can damned well drink her tea.

I’m loving…Chips & Dip.  Can’t.get.enough.


I’m loving…the thoughts of upcoming fun summer events!  OH…and of course the baby…I can’t wait to be an auntie again! :)

I’m loving…the Bieb’s new song, “Die In Your Arms”.  I’m so sad that Linds & I missed out on tickets to his concert in November. :(  I still can’t believe I never got through.  I’ve NEVER been frozen out trying to buy tickets on-line before.  Damn kid and his crazy little girl fans.

I’m loving…The Big Bang Theory, Season 4, and The Vampire Diaries, Season 1.  They are bringing me great excitement in the evenings.   I’ve been going through all the seasons of Big Bang, and it’s been so much fun this season watching Sheldon become acquainted with his “girlfriend”, Amy Farrah Fowler.    I’m loving the Shamy!! And Vampire Diaries…well, you know I already love the show, and I ended up going back to the start of Season 1, just because I can’t get enough of Ian Somerhalder these days…Funny how I was all about Stefan before.  I’m definitely now a card-carrying member of Team Damon.

I’m loving…the colour of my nails this week, chipped as they may be right now!!

I’m loving…that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup.  Was I cheering for the Kings?  No, not really.  I honestly don’t think I’ve watched a game since the second round.  When my Sens go, I lose interest big-time.  But the fact that the 2012 Cup has been handed out means we’re one step closer to the start of the 2012-2013 season…

I’m loving…Christian Grey.  Seriously, what am I gonna DO what this series is over?!?!!


Anonymous said...

Forecast is awesome! Chips and Dip, yeah I can't lie I was just eating some! One thing that I didn't put on my post for was that I'm still loving the old Blogger dashboard, even though I have that message that says the old blogger interface will be removed in the coming months! Haha!

Jo said...

o please send some of your weather over to Belgium

Nicole said...

We've been watching through BBT also. We're on season 2 right now. And I've never had any of that tea. Maybe I should try it to at least say I have before. right? :). And I'm not sure how I got 3 posts behind on my reading for you. I'm such a slacker, but I'm catching up now :)