Friday, November 02, 2007

My Horror Show...1 Day Late

Remember when I said I all but gave up my tradition of watching a scary movie on Halloween night this year?

Well, I almost got my horror show. It was just a day late.

Yeah. I'm talking about that Sens game last night. Talk about a near-meltdown!

When I got home from Karate after the first period, the boys in Red-Black-n-Gold were already up 1-0 over the lowly Atlanta Thrashers. I settled onto the couch to watch the second frame, and my team scored early & often, racking up 4 more goals to give them a nice, cushy 5-0 lead. Randy Robitaille, who had already scored the first one and seemed quite comfy between The Dans (Heatley & Alfredsson) in the absence of Jason Spezza (out nursing a sore groin), made his second one a beauty, putting a nice move on the goaltender. Moments later, while trying to get his hattrick, he was nailed in the crease and was forced to leave the game with what they called "facial contusions". (I never saw any blood, but whatever...)

50 seconds after Robitaille's second on the night (and as a Sen), Patrick Eaves rifled one past Thrashers netminder Johan Hedberg. Next, we had Nicky-Fo potting his second as a Sen, and while he did not reprise his celebratory leap, the guy up in the music booth was probably hoping he would when he played "Jump Around" after the goal. To cap off the scoring in the second period, Captain Alfie, left wide open in front of the net, made no mistake. And there we were. 5-0 for the home team.

Some would have said, going into the third, that the Thrashers might as well pack up and go home. Some might have thought the Sens had it all wrapped up. Some might have called it a romp.

But the Sens went on to be a bright & shining example of why you can never let up. Anything can happen. Anyone can win.

The Thrashers scored one. Then they scored another. Then, with about 5 minutes left in the game, Chris Neil took a 4-minute penalty for roughing. Not sure why they called it 4 minutes, but anyways. On the first minor, the Trashers scored. On the second, they scored again. By this point, I was chanting "Bring back Gerber! Bring back Gerber!" Emery kinda sucked. Damn Ilya Kovalchuk and his stupid hattrick!

The score was 5-4 with just a little over 2 minutes left, and then Chris Kelly took a delay-of-game penalty for shooting the puck over the glass while trying to clear the zone. The Thrashers pulled their goalie, so it was effectively a 6-on-4 powerplay for Atlanta. My stomach was in knots. This was horrible!!

Fortunately, it was Alfie to the rescue again, as he scored into the empty net, relieving the tension and sealing that long-lost romp that had turned into a nail-biter. The Sens are now boasting a 10-1 record, and all's well that ends well. No nightmares after all.

Just as long as they don't pull that crap again!

Now, after the game, to calm my nerves, I went downstairs to watch Survivor and Grey's. On Survivor, we had one of the most hilarious Survivor moments ever when Jamie thought she had found one of the hidden Immunity Idols, but she actually only had a blank board. Then the tribes merged, and Todd decided Jamie should be the one to go, especially after James revealed that he thought Jamie might try to play what she thought was the hidden Idol. Sure enough, at Tribal Council, before Jeff could read the votes, Jamie tried to play it, but was informed by Jeff that this was not a hidden Immunity Idol and that all votes cast against Jamie would, indeed, count. The look on her face was priceless. She looked absolutely devestated and mortified all at once! Todd's gang had all voted for her, while she, Eric and PG-13 had voted for Jean-Robert. So with that, Jamie's torch was snuffed out, and I was never so glad to see a Survivor contestant ousted. I hated that little bitch. Todd's little one-on-one with the cameraman about Jamie peddling on the little bike at the back and trying to catch up was a highlight for me. Frickin' hilarious!!

But bad news on the Todd front - looks like he's flipping on my boy James next week, and that's not gonna fly with me. Too bad. I really liked Todd.

And I'm not gonna bother with Grey's because nobody cares. But let's just say Alex was back to his asinine self, and I miss Ava already. Seriously - Meredith's little sister? C'mon!!

Have a great weekend guys!

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Sharon said...

Awesome Blog Jill. I was home and Wayne was watching the late show of Survivor so I saw all that stuff about Jaime... he was pissing his pants laughing so I am sure you two would get along watching it together...

The hockey game was good... I went up to pee when the last minutes trickled down so I didn't see Alfies goal, but to tell you the truth it was WAY too tense for me to stay down there and watch... so when they won, Wayne yelled up and told me the good news.