Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal (Or At Least For Today)

This morning, while getting ready for work, I was listening to the Team 1200 morning show, and I happened to catch Stuntman Stu saying, "There are some interesting comments from Wade Redden in today's Sun, which we'll discuss in the next segment". I didn't have time to hang out and listen, but I decided when I went for the mail this morning to swing into the store and grab a copy of the Sun.

Imagine my astonishment when I realized that not only was Wade's picture the full front cover of the paper, but the headline read: "HE'D PAY TO STAY".

Yep. Today's a good day, folks!

You see, I had all but given up hope of seeing Redden in a Sens uniform next year. He's coming off a disappointing year as the team's highest-paid player at $6.5 M per season, and he's been dropped to the bottom of Bryan Murray's "priority players to get signed". Since taking over the helm from the ousted John Muckler as the Sens' GM, Murray has signed Fisher, Heatley, and Spezza all to long-term hefty contract extensions. Alfie's already locked up for pretty much the rest of his career. We also have two goalies getting paid more than $3-Mil a season each. That's a lot of cash tied up in 6 guys. It didn't seem feasible that Redden would fit under the salary cap unless he was willing to take a major hometown discount to stay here.

Well...Apparently, he's thinking about it.

As it turns out, the fact that Murray locked up those key players is what's giving Redden pause, and it has him actually thinking about taking a paycut to remain a Senator. He knows that those guys are huge, important pillars in the organization. By signing them, Murray, and owner Eugene Melnyk, have given notice that they want to be serious contenders for years to come, and their #1 goal is winning a Stanley Cup. Wade Redden likes the thought of that. He knows he didn't earn his paycheque last year, and so to stay with a team that has a real shot in his adopted hometown, he's talking about accepting less money to play for the glory.

I like it. I like it a lot. Forget the fact that this dude has been my favourite player since Day 1. Any hockey player who puts his love of the game and his love of winning ahead of the money earns major points with me.

Now, of course, this is all just talk at this point. We'll see if Wade puts his money where his mouth is, so to speak.

But right now, at this very moment, this is the best news I've got regarding my beloved Wade in months. Practically a year. His play has improved, the team is 12-1 to start the year, and the boy really wants to play here.

Hope does spring eternal. At least, for today.


Sharon said...

I did hear that this morning on the radio too and thought of your beaming face when you would hear the news. Of course when I heard it you would have still been tucked in dreaming about it.

I am very happy for you Jill. However, I am worried about some of our really good players like volchenkov. What will happen to him. He's hot and looks like a younger Wade. Jill, he could replace Wade... and he might just be single.

Jill said...

Well, thanks for being happy for me Sharon! haha...But your concerns are valid, even if they don't sign Redden. They have locked up the "core players" for years to come, but that has fans wondering what's to become of players like Vermette, Kelly, Neil, etc - not as flashy as the big line, but very important nevertheless. And when it comes time for them to upgrade their salaries, will the Sens be able to afford it?

As for Volchenkov - he doesn't look like Wade. I've always thought he kind of looks like an alien, so he won't replace him in my eyes. And Muckler signed both he & Phillips to deals last spring, so he should be here for a while too (something like 4 years maybe?)

Anonymous said...

The only reason Redden is even considering taking a paycut to stay in Ottawa is because his fiance is a local girl!

Jill said...

Whatever the reason, I could care less. As long as he's here.

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Kenny said...

Stupid Luke!!!
I heard this morning Jill that Melnyk is refering to the paycuts as a "Stanley Cup Discount".

Redden owes him 6.5 million so we'll see what kind of discount he takes. Hopefully his agent doesn't try and convince him to where the money is!!

Jill said...

Shoulda known it was Luke...Little jackass!!

I'm very interested to see how the whole Redden thing pans out. I could either be a very happy girl, or I'll be double-disappointed when he heads outta town after all this.