Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The First Snow!!

Since Monday morning, all I've heard around the office is talk of the snow that's coming on Thursday. Gotta get the guys prepared, get the plows ready, have everything in place for the first snow on Thursday.

This morning, when I got up, I went out into the kitchen, all bleary-eyed and half-asleep to get a drink of water, and Mom said, "Look out the window!"

Snow. Lots of it. Everything completely white. Like a perfect little winter wonderland!

But here's the problem: It's only Wednesday morning!

The weatherman was calling for freezing rain, drizzle, rain for today. Not snow. The snow wasn't to come until tomorrow.

Just goes to show how smart those guys are!

So yes, things are a wee bit crazy around here this morning. But for the most part, everyone was already prepared for this, even though they were targeting Thursday. And here at Mountainview, we don't do much plowing anymore anyways, just driveways and a few of the local establishments' parking lots. The snow is wet enough that laneways and roads are pretty much already melting anyways.

But they're still calling for a dumping tomorrow, and colder temperatures as well, so it could get worse before it gets better.

I'm not going to let that stop my Snow Euphoria, though! I love the white stuff!

I just wish this was Christmas Eve...Now my Christmassy mood can officially begin! Yipee!!

If you're out in it today, enjoy it - but drive carefully!! :)


Sharon said...

Well Jill, I had a feeling there would be an ode to snow this morning... I was bitching about it for many things.... Here's my list of snow pet peeves today:

1. Stupid drivers who are trying to kill me on the road, whether it's on purpose or not, there is a good reason for not ploughing both double lanes. So people don't speed uncontrollably. But there is always that one stupid ass who gets in the slush and nearly causes the cautious driver to go off the road and hurdle to their death.

2. My second pet peeve... and it's only this year that this pet peeve will exist is that Wayne is planning on putting the rafters up this weekend and the tin up next weekend for our roof on the addition... it can't be snowing for that... so I am hoping that the snow will go away soon enough to alleviate that job. I don't want Wayne to be crusty all winter if it doesn't get done.

3. Driving to work... it really bites when the weather is crappy and I have to haul my butt to Ottawa... in the slush and grime...

4. I haven't bought snow tires yet. I am pricing and being very choosy... I will be buying rims from one place and tires from another... but I just have to chose my spots, I better get on that.

5. My new car doesn't have a snow brush yet... nope... I haven't purchased one. I will be doing that on the way home tonight

6. I don't like staying after work to work out in the bad weather because as it gets colder in the evening, the ice comes out and I could die. Don't want to die... so this weather make my fitness regime suffer.

And I guess those are my points.

Anyways, I hope everyone else is having a great day!

Jill said...

LOL...Sharon, I completely understand your snow rage, especially as a traveller. I suppose I get to enjoy it a little more because I only have a five minute drive!! In any case, I wish I could go home and put up my Christmas tree tonight...But I don't think Lizzie will agree with me on that. Maybe I'll just go out and help my Canada Day Committee put up the lights in town to get myself in the spirit!!

priscilla said...

There was more snow down in Shawville than there was in Otter Lake, which is very very rare. But that didn't stop Jeremy from taking a rip up the road this morning on his new antique John Deere snowmobile. He's been waiting forever to try it out. And the highway was bare so I had no problems getting to work. Sharon, you could pretend you live in Coronation Street world, where Valentine's would be over and it would be that much closer to spring! Did you watch it last night? Do you think Steve recognized Sunny getting into the taxi? I couldn't tell if his giggle was just because he was drunk or because he knew who it was.

Sharon said...

Hi Jill,

Not sure if the Tree Idea with fly with Lizzie.

You and Wayne share that joy of the 5 minute drive, although Waynes is only about 2.5 minutes.

PK, I think that recognized Sunny... I really do... because you could plainly see that it was him from the side... so we will have to see what happens with that.

Oh and that David kid is such a bad ass... I can't believe Tracey is doing what she doing.

priscilla said...

I don't think Tracey will actually sleep with him. I think she's just pretending like she will and try to put it off until he testifies, and then she'll tell him to bugger off. Even though she did kill Charlie, I hope she goes free because he was just a jerk. The ant farm that Kirk got Fizz was cute. It's funny when she calls him Kirky. I can't wait to watch it tonight!

Jill said...

OK, PK - I had to laugh when I read your last post and you said "bugger off"...I don't watch the show, but the snippets I've seen, that's EXACTLY the kind of expression they use! haha!! Cracked me up!

Sharon said...

Yeah I know... when she says his name like that and WAynes there I always start talking and repeating what they say in that accent lol.

Well I hope if she tells him to get lost that he does and doesn't cause more trouble because when you think about it, the only reason he's testifying is because Maria pissed him off and she cared about Charlie and so he's doing it to get back at her... he's a very deranged little boy.

priscilla said...

After we watch an episode at home, we start with the funny expressions. We say Don't be daft! and Rubbish! You should really get into it Jill. At first you have no idea what they're saying, my mom still only understands half of it, but you get to learn the lingo.

Sharon said...

Oh yeah for sure... and it's such a good show... the best evening soap ever! And if you are really a fanatic, you can go without all week and watch all of the episodes back to back on Sunday mornings.

Jill said...

I'll definitely check it out girls, but I make no promises!

But I would like to thank you both for paying attention to poor ol' Jill's World today...The most successful comment thread in ages!! WOO-HOO!!