Friday, November 16, 2007

The Band Geek with Coke-Bottle Glasses

Sens won again last night - WOO-HOO!! This time, 3-2 over the Buffalo Sabres (the cream of the crop at this time last season, who have now settled at the bottom of the NHL standings - my, how the roles have been reversed!) - with Captain Alfie scoring 2 in his 800th game. Seriously, the dude is on fire!! Shean Donovan also scored, his third of the season (and third game-winning goal), and Martin Gerber was strong once again between the pipes.

Tomorrow night, the Sens are taking on the Leafs, but for the first time in a long time - maybe ever - I won't be watching the Battle of Ontario, because I'll be at Scotiabank Place for the Bon Jovi concert. Wonder if Jon will keep us updated on the score??

After last night's game, I watched both Survivor & Grey's Anatomy. On Survivor, James continued to be my favourite player, but once again, things didn't go quite right. The plan was to oust PG-13 - clearly the most annoying player now that Jean-Robert is gone - but she won Immunity, so they had to switch up their plans. The obvious targets were either Eric or Frosti, the two remaining players from that former tribe, but Courtney's name was also tossed into the mix. Honestly, I think they should've sent her home. The girl cannot get any more skinny or she's going to start falling apart. She's frickin' skeletal. In fact, that may be my new nickname for her: Skeletor.

Todd continues to be the ring-leader, calling the shots, but James is also influential in what's going on around camp. I loved it when he shot down PG-13 after she accused him of being lazy during the challenge. This, from the twit who purposely giggled and threw a challenge the week they got rid of Aaron. It burnt me that she won Immunity and is still in the game.

When it all came down to it, the gang viewed Skeletor's blossoming relationship with Frosti as too dangerous to their group plans, so they axed him. Meh. Who cares. His name was Frosti, for crying out loud.

Now, on to Grey's - I've been loving the show this year, and this episode really hit home for me. Dr. Bailey, the hard-core hard-ass Nazi of Seattle Grace, was transformed into a giggling schoolgirl - or, as Dr. Hahn called her, a "blithering idiot"- when an old crush of hers came into the ER after the bus of teens he was chaperoning on a school trip from California crashed. Marcus held her hand, flirted relentlessly, asked her to take special care of him, even had her filling out the massive amount of paperwork for all the students under his care who were admitted.

Then, Marcus took an unexpected turn, and they had to perform surgery on him. Dr. Bailey saved his life, and when he woke up, she was at his side, smiling adoringly at him. He thanked her for all she had done, then held her hand and asked if she had remembered to fill out all the paperwork he'd asked her for.

Suddenly, Dr. Bailey was brought back to what life was like back in high school, when she had been Marcus' tutor. The scene where she breaks down in the lobby and rips Derek apart for being "one of those guys" was so perfect. She tells him how Marcus was the track star, and she tutored him through high school while harbouring a crush on him, and he didn't even ask her to the prom because she was a band geek that wore Coke-bottle glasses. She takes her anger out on Derek, because she sees him as the same kind of guy - the kind of guy who takes advantage of love-struck young fools to build up his own ego and get his work done for him.

I connected with Miranda Bailey at that moment. I cried for her; I cried for myself. I know I wasted a pile of time in high school and college, trailing after a few "cool" guys, offering to do their homework or help them study, just so I could spend time with them or hear them praise me for helping them get by. But at the end of the day, all they wanted was a better grade, or a passing mark, without actually doing the work. I was just their stepping stone to a better life, and made them feel good about themselves because I adored them. They were never interested in me. They used me.

Now, I wasn't a band geek with Coke-bottle glasses. But I was the fat girl who would do anything to get a hot guy to pay attention to me. Even if it meant tireless hours of studying with a jock, or writing an essay for him. But the smile and thanks afterwards were never quite enough. I didn't have a date for grad either. Nobody even thought about asking me. I was the loser who brought a stuffed dog as her date.

But then, the show brought me solace. When Derek pulled Miranda down beside him, and told her that in high school, he was skinny and had an afro and bad acne. And that he would have been honoured to take a girl like her to the prom.

It was a bittersweet moment that brought me peace and gave me hope. Of course, it didn't hurt that it was McDreamy saying the magic words.

God, I love Grey's Anatomy.


Sharon said...

Well Jill,

Loved the short SENS recap and Survivor... Wayne got home late and only caught the last 30 minutes of it. I got home to catch the last 10 minutes of the SENS game and then it was Coronation Street... I love that show!

Have fun at Bon Jovi!

priscilla said...

Ooooh, I LOVE Coronation Street too Sharon! I didn't know you were going to Bon Jovi Jill.

Jill said...

Last minute tickets in the third level, but they were cheap so I didn't turn down the opportunity!!

Sharon said...

OMG PK I can't believe I have found someone who also likes that show... I thought I was weird... I mean my dad likes it, but that's my dad.

Have fun at BJ Jill!