Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Official: I'm the Jinx

I had a delightful surprise yesterday afternoon. My Uncle Paul, who is the president of a major pharmaceutical company in Canada, had told his Ottawa office that if they ever had any extra Sens tickets that they needed to get rid of to call his Sens-lovin' niece in the Valley. (That would be me). So yesterday, I had a call from Jacquie at GlaxoSmithKline in Ottawa to offer me tickets to last night's game vs. the Washington Capitals!

It was a bit of an adventure just to get the tickets. I chose Sarah to come with me, as I know she's a big Sens fan, and also because I know she has a pretty good knowledge of how to get around in Ottawa. That was my biggest fear in this whole shemozzle - I had to pick up the tickets downtown on Bank Street, then somehow get out to Scotiabank Place. I've never driven downtown. I've never driven on the Queensway. And I've never gone to SBP without taking the Ferry, or the long way around by Renfrew. Bill explained to me how he would go about it, and wrote his instructions down for me. Then Jacquie also told me she'd leave detailed directions at the desk with the tix.

It's a darned good thing I had Bill's instructions and Sarah with me, because Jacquie's idea of "detailed directions" were as follows:


Head to Queensway West. Kanata.

Have fun,


Apparently she didn't quite grasp the part where I said I'm not a city driver!!

In any case, Sarah knew a way out to SBP where I didn't even have to take the Queensway, and as it turns out, driving downtown's not that hard, as long as you don't turn down a one-way, which I did not. Phew!!

So we get to the game, and we have a parking pass for P1, and I slid the Rav into a spot right near where there was a section blocked off with a sign that read: "Reserved for Players' Family". How cool is that? We had Club Seats in the first level, last row, right at the Sens blueline. During the warm-up, Sarah & I were giggling because Wade was stretching right in front of us with his sexy ass up in the air, and we were snapping pictures, and all of a sudden I look to my right, and three seats down from Sarah was Wade's dad! I swear it was him! I've seen him in pictures in the paper and on TV before, and I'm positive it was him! I think he and his guests were just sitting there to watch the warm-up, because some other people came along and booted them out of the seats, but it was so cool to know I was just a few seats away from my hero's dad!

The first period was filled with chances, but I quickly got the impression things weren't "clicking" for the boys in Red, Black & Gold. Nothing seemed to be working the way it had on most nights during their record-setting 13-1 start to the season. Late in the first period, two men came to occupy the vacant seats next to me - the one next to me smelled strongly of beer and the first thing he says to me is: "You think the Sens are gonna win the Cup this year? I don't think so." He was yappy, and a little annoying - kinda funny, but after awhile, the novelty of sitting next to possibly the only Caps fan in the building wore off. (He was actually a Canucks fan, but cheering for the Caps because his buddy is one of the assistant coaches. Trust me, I know the guy's life story. He never shut up).

At some point, I divulged that Wade Redden is my favourite player, and he started railing on Redden almost instatnly , calling him a pylon and saying he won't be back after this year, good riddance, blah blah blah - the usual. Then, the Sens started losing. First one Caps goal, then another. Then another. That's when I kinda started ignoring Buddy-Boy, because he was grating on my nerves. Ruining my night. He then informed me I was a sore loser and that I wasn't any fun anymore. I still ignored him. He told me that if we lost the game, our record would still be 13-2, we'd still be the best team in the NHL, and that it's just a game. "Relax, girl."

I continued ignoring. I think he got the hint, 'cause he took off with a few minutes left in the second period (to go see his buddy, the assistant coach of the Caps - yeah, right) and he never did return. Then Alfie scored, and things were looking up again.

Alas, it was too much to hope for a comeback. The third period was filled with glorious chances, but when the Caps scored again late in the game, it was lights out. I was again unimpressed with Ray Emery. If someone had told me this time last year that I'd one day be rooting for Gerber over Emery, I'd have laughed, but it appears that that's where I'm at. Marty Gerber's got the hot hand - and I want them to keep playing him. Ray didn't look comfortable or confident out there in the second period when the roof started caving in. So move over, Emery, this is Gerber's gig now.

So yet another disappointing finish to a game that I was in attendance for. It's official now that I'm the jinx. Or at least, my whole family is. (Kara & Chris were at the only other game the Sens have lost).

Nevertheless, it was a fun night (even with Yappy McYapperson sitting next to me for part of the evening) - and I was thrilled that the Glaxo people thought to call me!


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