Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Feeling Christmassy

Today, I really wish I was at home decorating for Christmas. I'm not sure why, but I feel 110% festive today - it's brisk & cold out, the sun is shining, there's a fresh skiff of snow on the ground - and I want to decorate!! If I were at home right now, I'd maybe make a cup of hot chocoate, put on my Elvis Christmas CD, and start digging out the boxes of decorations and the trees.

Alas, I'm not going to be decorating today. Because I'm working. But I do have tomorrow to look forward to. I've booked tomorrow off to go to the city with my neighbour Brittany to have a total girls fun day. We're going to do some shopping, eat at a fun place, go to the movies - the whole nine yards. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope the weather co-operates!

I've still got quite a bit of shopping left to do, so I'm thinking I may need at least one more day after this. Seeing tomorrow is "Brittany's Day", I don't want to trail her all around while I do my own shopping. I was considering going again Saturday morning, but this desperate urge to decorate has quelled that thought. I think Saturday morning, I'll start putting out the Christmas stuff, possibly even decorate one of our trees. Then Saturday afternoon is my Grandma's church Christmas Tea, which I love going to and it always puts me in a Christmas mood.

Also getting me in the festive spirit will be the Mountainview Christmas Party on Friday night. It's really the "kick-off" to the holiday season for me, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Plus, on Friday I'm allowed to start singing Christmas carols and songs all day long. I can't wait!!

Just thinking of the shopping, the decorating, the parties, the food...Makes me all warm & fuzzy inside! I love Christmas!!


Sharon said...

Hey Jilly Willy.

I am going out to Loblaws today to get some Christmas Swag to decorate my cubicle next week. I will be going all out, Garland, lights, a hanging something or other... the whole works. Then I will start decorating at home, slowly.

I have a whole carole book Jill that I printed off last year... If I get the chance to photocopy it I will do so and give it to you at some point so that you have a book of songs to chose from.

We are going to be doing some caroling of our own on the Steele Line. Wayne is going to get the wagon ready and pull us on the tractor and we are going to sing sing sing... not that too many people will hear us because everyone lives so far from the road. But we don't have to be embarassed by our crappy voices... yes it will be a fun day... can't wait!

PK Can you believe that Steve let the gay cat out of the bag last night... I can't believe Sunny proposed... it's so going to end in heart break! And Michelle will be mortified and probably leave the show.

What do you think of Leanne coming back... maybe rekindle the flame with Jamie... he is "lonely"

priscilla said...

I really thought Steve would keep it to himself for a while longer. I can't wait for tonight to see what happens next. And I think Sunny just proposed to make himself think that he wasn't gay, but then he did tell Sean that they could still sleep with each other as long as they kept it secret. I wasn't following the show closely when Leanne was on before. I had an argument with my dad, I didn't think she was Janice's daughter and he said she was. Her and Jamie will obviously get back together, he invited her to stay in his spare room, won't be long till they're in the same room. What a great show! :) Oh yeah, and I love xmas too!

Sharon said...

Well... Janice is not her mom... she's her step mom... Leanne is Les' daughter... but Janice is the step mom... I am pretty certain of that.

Oh I am so right, I just wikipedia'd it here is what it said

"Les first appeared in 1997 with his wife Janice, teenage daughter Leanne (from his first marriage) and step-daughter Toyah (from Janice’s previous relationship), "

So you can tell your dad he was wrong.

And I am not so sure about Jamie and Leanne, I don't think it will be that quick. He was dating her and proposed and she said yes, all the while, she was sleeping with his dad... Danny Baldwin. Franky found out about the affair and then it all came out and he absolutely hated Leanne and Danny, but like he said in the show. He's sick of hating... So maybe, but I don't think it will be right away. He was totally pissed before.

Man there is a lot of information on Wikipedia on Coronation Street... You can get main story lines dating back from the 1960's.

Jill, you should read up on it to get all caught up.

Jill said...

You guys are funny with this Coronation Street stuff! I have barely even watched it & I already feel like I know what's going on - sounds kinda crazy! lol...

Sharon, that idea of carolling sounds like so much fun. Our church used to do that, and I always loved it! I just LOVE Christmas so much!!

Sharon said...

I am reading on Wikipedia ever since I posted the last message... I guess it's a bit ahead of the actual show because I am finding out things that are supposed to happen... gawd it's going to get good PK.

priscilla said...

Oh well now I am excited! But don't tell me anything that's going to happen. Yeah I thought Leanne had no connection to Janice, so I guess we were both wrong! And Jill, Coronation Street is the longest running soap ever, so it must be good and we are not crazy for watching it! I hope you get into it too. I think it's nice that Jason is starting to warm up to Holly too. Did you see him singing to her the other day? It was cute.

Sharon said...

Yeah I saw that it was adorable!