Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Wishlist: 2015 Edition

I never thought it would happen to me, but with each passing year, I'm realizing how less important the gifts are.  I remember several years ago when my family made the decision to cut back on gifts, do a Secret Santa name swap, set a spending cap.  And I was like... "Wha... whaaaat?  But I NEED STUFF!!!"

Slightly childish, I know.  But honestly... I had things that I really hoped for.  Things that I couldn't just afford to go out and buy myself on a whim, things that weren't exactly necessities but sure would be nice to have, and that I would set aside as "maybe I'll get that for Christmas".  The thoughts of cutting back, setting a spending cap, and limiting what I both bought and received... well... it kind of traumatized me.

But I'm OK now.  I realize it had gotten excessive at the time, and the changes were important.  I still buy for all the kids, and for one family member, and I have one family member who buys for me.  As it turns out, I've realized I kind of just like sitting back on Christmas morning with a steamy cup of coffee and watching the kids open their gifts.  It's relaxing and fun and I don't have to move if I don't want to.

Believe it or not... I think I've actually grown up.  Only took me 32 years.

This year, when it came to making my Wishlist, I felt especially grateful, because I realized most of my "wants" are quite frivolous.  I have one of the most fun Wishlists I've had in years, and that must mean it's because I'm doing alright for myself right now.  No major must-haves, no "I'll die if I don't get it" wishes... and that's a nice place to find one's self.  Mostly content with what I have, and just looking forward to family time and the excitement in the kids' eyes.

But still... The Wishlist exists, and as has become my tradition, I thought I'd share it.  Here we go!

A Breadmaker

Yes, I know this has been on my list, for, like, forever.  And even still, it's not something I REALLY need, nor do I have any clue where I would store it.  But I love the thoughts of being able to make my own bread on a regular basis, and trying different recipes.  Also I hear it's handy for making homemade pizza dough, which is something I love but cringe at the thoughts of making it from scratch.  Maybe this'll be the year of the Breadmaker.

Books - especially "Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things" by Jenny Lawson

I love reading, and I had quite a few books on my list, but this one tops it.  It is our first book club selection of 2016.  Furthermore, I adored the first book by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) - literally giggled my ass off as I read it in two days on the beach at the Draper Camp two summers ago - and have been wanting to read this one ever since I heard she was putting out another book.  Other books I asked for:  "The Kitchen House: A Novel" by Kathleen Grissom and "Plain Truth" by Jodi Picoult.

A Tripod

I can't take pictures of the moon or Christmas lights or anything really outdoors because I don't have any way of stabilizing my camera for night shooting.  I also understand very little about nighttime photography, but I'd like to learn.  And apparently, a tripod is the first step.

An Adult Colouring Book & Pencil Crayons

I've been intrigued by this idea of adult colouring books that have taken the world by storm.  I loved colouring as a kid, and like the idea of the stress-relief it would provide now as an adult.  They are wildly popular right now (when you look up the Best-Selling Books on Amazon's website, most of them are adult colouring books) and I want in on the craze.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 8 on DVD

The Big Bang has become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me.  I have received all the seasons on DVD as past Christmas gifts each year, and I love spending winter mornings watching episodes as I curl up in cozy jammies, a blanket, and sip a hot cup of joe.  I just love me some Sheldon, Leonard & Penny!

Onesie PJ's

I don't really need new jammies, but I think having a pair of onesie PJ's sounds so cozy and warm for cold winter nights!  Of course, this is the warmest December in the history of the world and I would probably sweat my ass off in them, but they are fun.  I want.


Honestly, I still have half-bottles left from the past two Christmases, probably more than enough to get me through the year, but it's nice to get a fresh new bottle of perfume at Chirstmas.  Maybe a different scent this year than the CK One and Tommy Girl perfumes I have... As long as it's not too strong, I usually like different scents.

Magic Mike XXL on DVD

I don't think this one needs an explanation... am I right, ladies? ;)

A Blu-Ray Player

This is a "want" that I'm really on the fence about.  A year ago, I got a new HD TV, and I remember at the time someone telling me I would want to get a Blu-Ray player now too because the picture quality would be so much better.  But it has taken me years to grow my DVD collection, and the last thing I want to do is switch everything over to Blu-Ray now.  And I've never noticed my DVD's looking like "poor quality" on my TV - and I watch a lot of movies.  So I'm just kinda "meh" on this one.  Maybe someday.

Winter Boots

I didn't actually put this on my Christmas Wishlist because I know it's something I have to buy myself.  It took me forever to find a pair I liked several years ago, and I was so disappointed to discover my feet getting wet in them towards the end of last winter - holes in my beloved boots.  Frig. I have been dreading the thoughts of shopping for a new pair this year, and that's about the only good part I can think of with this stupid warm winter we're having thus far - I have not been forced to buy a pair yet.  But it will be a purchase I make over the holidays or in early 2016.  Hopefully before we get TOO much snow.

The Internet

Another thing that I didn't actually put on my Wishlist, but it is a goal for me in 2016. I've been slowly edging my way out of the Dark Ages, what with an HD satellite receiver, an HD TV, a PVR, and now a new phone coming in the near future... Now it's time for the Internet.  It's time for Netflix.  It's time for me to feel like I'm connected to the rest of the world when I'm in my own home. ;)  Once the Christmas bills are paid off, I will be looking into my options.

And I think that's about it for the 2015 Edition of the Wishlist!  See, pretty frivolous and fun, right?  I know that the best gift of all is to have loved ones close to me, with whom to enjoy the food, the drinks, the fun, and to make memories with them.  The presents really aren't all that important, and I will just be happy to soak up time with family and friends over this holiday season.

Like I said... I think I grew up.  Who know. ;)


Stacie said...

It would not be Christmas without Jill's breadmaker on the list! Maybe this year is the year.

Lindsay said...

I really want a bread maker too! It's massive but I love the idea of putting it on that night and waking up to fresh bread! Yum!

I like the cozy idea of the onsies but I'd worry about middle of night pee break! xo

Mrs. Match said...

I'm so relieved my family has cut down on presents and spending. It was all so stressful! As a child of divorce, I have WAYYY too many people to shop for. But I do have a wishlist, that I don't even share with anyone, but I think it's just fun to wish for frivolous things sometimes isn't it? And there's always that hope I'll get it for my birthday or Mother's Day. ;-)
A breadmaker would be awesome. I make my own bread sometimes, but a breadmaker is so much easier. I love winter boots, and I wish I had them in every color!

Nancy said...

The bread maker is a real treat to have. I don't use it often, mostly Reg makes the bread. I love when I wake up to fresh bread. This will happen at least once over the holidays. I have an easy yeast recipe for pizza dough I'll send to you, Jillian.