Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Another busy, festive weekend in photos

December is chugging right along, and it’s going a wee bit too fast for my liking.  Every day when I eat my Advent chocolate and see the growing number of little doors open, I think to myself, This is going too quickly.  It can’t go this fast!!

Then I take a deep breath, remind myself to live in the present, enjoy all the festive fun, and soak it up.

I did just that this past weekend, which was another one filled with festive fun.

Here are some of the photos I snapped from Danica’s 7th birthday party on Saturday; from the Christmas Pageant at church on Sunday; and from the Christmas House Tour Monday night.

Dan's 7th Birthday 3

Danica with all her party pals

Dan's 7th Birthday 2

Dan's 7th Birthday 4

Dan's 7th Birthday 1

Dan's 7th Birthday 5

Dan's 7th Birthday 6

Dan's 7th Birthday 7

Xmas Pageant 2015 2

Claudine & Thomas, the Pageant narrators

Xmas Pageant 2015 1

This picture made me giggle – I didn’t even realize at the time that our Rev. Nancy matches the stained glass image of Jesus above her!

Xmas Pageant 2015 3

Joseph & Mary arriving at the Inn

Xmas Pageant 2015 4

(Danica was trying so hard not to smile for the picture lol)

Xmas Pageant 2015  5

Xmas Pageant 2015 6

Xmas Pageant 2015 7

Xmas Pageant 2015 8

Xmas Pageant 2015 9

Xmas Pageant 2015 10

Christmas House Tour 2015  3

This is Lindsay in the bell tower of the old Anglican Church that has been converted into a prime residence

Christmas House Tour 2015 2

Looking down on the main room from the balcony

Christmas House Tour 2015 1

A view of Kirk & Sara’s living room

Christmas House Tour 2015 5

One of Sara’s Christmas Trees

Christmas House Tour 2015 4

Sara’s Dinner Table

Christmas House Tour 2015 6

Leslie & Nathan’s Christmas Tree

Christmas House Tour 2015 7

I loved the mason jar candle holder idea at Leslie’s!

Christmas House Tour 2015 8

Another of my favourites – pink & white ornaments hanging from the ceiling in Leslie’s daughter’s room

Christmas House Tour 2015 10

The fireplace at Stephen & Jenna’s

Christmas House Tour 2015 11

One of Jenna’s Christmas Trees

Christmas House Tour 2015 12

The custom-built playroom under the stairs that Steve made for his kids was a BIG highlight – everyone was dying to get in and take a look!

Christmas House Tour 2015 9

An outdoor shot of Stephen & Jenna’s home

And that was just a small sample of the fun I had this past weekend!!  In the blink of an eye, it will be the weekend again, with even more Christmassy fun on tap… I can’t wait!!

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Nicole said...

Great Christmas photos. I wish my house looked even a quarter of that decorated! Sigh... some day maybe...