Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Christmas fun in photos

Last weekend was my busiest December weekend – there was SO much holiday fun and Christmassy events going on!  I admit, I was kind of happy to see Monday come, just to get back into a regular routine and enjoy some downtime in the evening!

Still, I wouldn’t trade these precious Christmas moments with family and friends for anything…

On Friday evening, we had our annual Christmas potluck at Book Club.  Caryl was the big winner of the bottle of wine – the only one there who couldn’t pop the cork right away! ;)

On Saturday, I was up early to get ready for my Christmas get-together with a group of my friends.  We had booked a Christmas Paint Day at Shannon’s across the road from my place – I think we were all pretty happy with our paintings!  We returned back to my place for a spaghetti supper afterwards and just enjoyed our Christmas visit with one another :)

A close-up of my painting

Oh, and we also paused to watch the Parade of Lights that travels right past my front door! Sue was excited! haha!  Here are a few of the snaps I took of the parade:

Then on Sunday after church, I hosted a Wine & Cheese at my place (the Manse, which I rent) – an opportunity to thank the volunteers who help out with church events all year long, as well as to show off the bathroom renovations that were completed in the house this year.

It was a fun festive weekend, to say the least!

And now it is the calm before the Christmas storm… I have very few events left between now and the big day.  Now is my chance to do the wrapping, finish up some of the baking, and finally watch all of those Christmas movies I haven’t had time to watch yet!  I’m going to soak up the next week and enjoy this quiet time of Christmas reflection… I think we all need that at this time of year.

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Ah, the calm before the storm...