Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2 More Sleeps...

It is the Eve of Christmas Eve, and despite being a little glum about the lack of snow and the lack of the possibility of snow, I am doing my very very best to bring the Christmas cheer today!

OK, it's not that hard.  I have Christmas balls dangling from my ears, I'm buzzing from the double-double Timmie's Lindsay brought me this morning, and it is growing increasing difficult to focus on anything other than CHRISTMAS right now!!!

Snow or no snow... I'm PUMPED!!!!

Here are a few of the things I'm loving about Christmas today...
  • Last night was a wonderfully festive evening for me.  Right after work, I went to my mom's, because she's had my sister's kids staying with her all week.  We watched Elf, ate pizza and ginger snaps, and enjoyed sitting by the glow of the Christmas tree.  Then we headed down to the Library for a Carol Sing with Rolly, and we also got to hear a group of local elementary school students recite 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It was great!

  • I love that I feel ever-so-prepared for the next couple of days.  Groceries = check!  Presents wrapped = check!  Christmas baking = check!  It's just a matter of last minute prep and assembling!
  • I'm kind of loving that Christmas Day is going to be low-key.  There will be the early morning excitement of the kids getting up, having our delicious traditional sticky bun breakfast and coffee, the kids opening presents from Santa... but then my sister and her family will go to her in-laws, and Mom and I have no plans to go anywhere.  There was a time in my life when this would have devastated me, but I'm OK with the thought of relaxing in comfy clothes (maybe even PJ's?) all day, napping, watching movies, munching on snacks... it's not a half-bad idea!
  • That said, I look forward to the excitement of Boxing Day, when we will do our family gift exchange and have our turkey dinner!!  Can't wait!!

  • I love that I've almost watched all of the Christmas movies I wanted to - even though I didn't think it was possible!  I have both Home Alones on deck for tonight, and I'm hoping to squeeze in Miracle on 34th Street tomorrow after work.  Then I'll have seen all of my faves!

  • Loving all of the Christmas tunes right now!!  It makes me sad to think that in a few days, it will all be over... so I'm trying not to let my mind go there.  Post-Christmas time is always a bit depressing for me, so I'm clinging to the here and now and enjoying every second of it!  It has been especially fun these past few days practicing my acapella version of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve/Sarajevo to sing to my cousin Chris on Christmas Eve. ;)  Man, I shoulda been on Glee!!

  • I'm lovin' all the festive bling my Aunt Marion has bestowed upon me, both this year and in years past.  I could wear different Christmas jewel combinations for a month - and I HAVE!!!  My favourite is still the candy cane ring she gave me a few years ago.  Every time I wear it, someone asks where I got it.  Everyone loves it!
  • I love that my niece and nephew take after me in that they are both still wishing for snow!!  Danica even told Stacy last night at the library that all she wants for Christmas is snow.  Stacy was like, "Oh, you really are Jilly's niece."  And at least I'm not alone in my sorrow. ;)
  • I love that I only work til noon tomorrow and then I'm off until January 5th!!!  I always take the week off between Christmas & New Year's, and I'm relishing the thoughts of lazy days, sleeping in a bit, maybe going shopping or to a movie... just enjoying some downtime.  It's something to look forward to in the post-Christmas let-down.
Hope you are all finding things to love on this wonderful Eve of Christmas Eve! ;)

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Nancy said...

I love trans Siberian Orchestra, thanks, Jillian! My fingers are typing in tune to it!