Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello, December!

  • It is here.  It is really, finally here.  December.  The beginning of my very favourite time of year.  I’ve been in Christmas mode for a few weeks already, but now it feels official.  Nobody can give me side-eye for being festive now.

hello december

  • This past weekend was a busy one, and I felt like a zombie yesterday because of it.  It started out with me drinking just a wee bit too much on Friday afternoon at our company Christmas party.  Then it felt like I never really recovered.  I had to get up way too early for a Saturday to get all the things done around my house that needed to be done, then was off to a bridal shower with my mom and sister in Kanata.  I thought I’d have time for a nap when I got home, but that didn’t really work out either.  Then I was off to the city with the girls for our annual Christmas dinner at Boston Pizza, back to my place for our gift exchange, and didn’t get to bed til after midnight.  Back up early Sunday, church, took some photos for some friends and their families, and off to my sister’s for our Grey Cup Party.  I just don’t handle these action-packed weekends as well as I used to…
  • While I was tired and cranky yesterday, it should be noted that the weekend was jam-packed with FUN and totally worth feeling like a zombie!!  It was awesome to spend time with so many different friends, family members, and co-workers.
  • I felt pretty blessed to have received some awesome gifts over the weekend!  First off, all MVT employees were gifted a turkey for Christmas this year!!  How cool is THAT?!  My mom is pretty stoked that I already have the Christmas bird in my freezer waiting for her! haha!  Then on Saturday, my friends and I did a Christmast Favourite Things exchange.  Lindsay had my name, and she gave me a chocolate advent calendar, some homemade crafts, a container of her favourite Christmas baking (including the infamous Hamilton Family Shortbread Worm LOL), a snowman travel mug with hot chocolate, her fave cherry flavoured candy canes, and the Wayne Ronstadt Christmas in the Valley (old tape version that was converted to CD!)  Then on Sunday, as I mentioned, I took some photos for some friends, and as a thank you, Shannon gifted me with the Starbucks “Caroling Tumbler” and a tin of their loose leaf Jade Citrus Mint tea!  I’m a lucky kid!!


  • Last night was a quiet, low-key evening after feeling zombie-like all day.  I did a half-hour Yoga DVD, did some laundry, made Almond Slice candy, edited photos from Sunday’s shoots, and read for a bit.  It was exactly the kind of night I needed!
  • Today the weather is to turn a little on the wintery side, as we are under a freezing rain warning.  I’d like the weatherman to take his freezing rain and shove it up his butt.  SNOW!!  SNOW IS WHAT I WANT!!!!


  • Sadly, there is no snow in the foreseeable future. :(  The long-range for the next two weeks is showing above-average temps, and more rain/showers than anything.  It breaks my little snow-lovin’ heart at the prospect of another green Christmas.  It just doesn’t feel right when there’s no snow on the ground for the holidays…
  • But that won’t stop me from entering in to the holiday spirit!  I’m so looking forward to the coming weeks, not only for more festive gatherings with family and friends, but for more quiet nights just like last night, watching Christmas specials, sipping hot drinks, doing more baking… it soothes me and brings me peace.  I’m ready to soak up all that December will bring.


Happy December 1st, guys :)

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty sweet you were given a turkey!

I tend to over-drink at the holiday party for work too. It's this coming Friday and I am vowing to temper myself. I tend to talk about people I don't like and I shouldn't do that!