Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Another week is getting away from me… How the hell does that keep happening?!

So… it’s November!!  I’m not sure where the month of October went.  It seemed to just fly by.  I spent half of it stressing out over Car Rally, and then the other half being excited for Halloween while also having my head full of a jumble of Christmas decorating ideas.  (Yeah.  It was weird.)

But now that November is officially here, it’s TIME!!!  Time to seriously start working on getting my house ready for the Christmas House Tour!!  It is coming up on Dec. 1st, and I pretty much decided a year ago that I wanted to be on it this time around.  Funny how I’ve known that for a whole year, yet left so much to be done at the last minute…

But it’s finally all coming together.  I got one of the spare bedrooms set up and ready on the weekend.  I’m having my bedroom painted this week (finally!  it’s like the last piece to the house improvement puzzle!  well…except for the moldy bathroom problem.  I’d rather stick my head in the sand and ignore that one…let’s not talk about it, okay?  I’m just going to shut that door.) 

This weekend, I’m going shopping to buy some of the supplies and decorations I still need.  I’ve been gradually procuring and gathering odds and ends and decoation “loans” from family and friends.

It’s slowly but surely all coming together… Slowly but surely…

I have yet to actually do any decorating.  Aside from the lights that I put up outside on the weekend.  (By the way, outdoor lights are NOT my thing.  I’m convinced the only reason women get married is so that they have someone to put the damn things up for them.  I broke bulbs.  I blew breakers. Like I said… NOT my thing.) 

But aside from the outdoor stuff, I have plans.  And I have ideas.  I simply can’t WAIT to start putting them all into action!

In the coming weeks, my house will be bursting with holiday decor, Christmas music (Biebs!  Under the Mistletoe!  yessssssss!), and Christmas baking.  It will be literally oozing with holiday cheer.  There is SO much to do, and yet, I’m not feeling stressed about any of it, because I just love Christmas so much.  I normally try to hold it all in until the end of November, but this year, I have no choice but to let it all loose a whole month early.

I’m honestly looking forward to it with all of my heart. 

Let the decking of the halls begin!!!!


VandyJ said...

I think I'm going to lobby Nick to get our lights up this weekend, if the weather is decent. That way we aren't doing it in the snow. WE only do a few lights anyway so why not get them up early. We won't turn them on until after our Thanksgiving the end of November, but getting them up would be a good idea.

Mrs. Match said...

You're on the Christmas house tour? Umm...that is my DREAM. How exciting! Can I just say that November-January is my absolute favorite time of year? I love everything about it. I agree, outside lights are such a pain. Match is so good about helping, after lots of whining and bribery from me. ;-)

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