Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloweenie Confessions!

Happy Halloween, friends!  I love that Halloween is falling on a Friday this year.  Fridays are my favourite day of the week, and Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year… SO fun!!!

The pumpkin is carved, the treat bags are made up, the scary movies have been watched, the fun Halloween supper has been planned…but before the little spooks come knocking at the door, first we must confess!

jack-o-lantern 2014

I confess… my house played a mean Mat Night trick on me last night.  I had put a load of dishes in the dish washer, then settled down to watch the Halloween Criminal Minds episode I had recorded the night before.  By the time it was over, I was sufficiently spooked.  (Criminal Minds does that to me any old week, so Halloween week extra-spookified me).  I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water before going to bed when I stepped in some water.  I thought I had accidentally spilled some of my water, so I went to grab a paper towel to mop it up with, and instead, I stepped in an even bigger puddle.  As it turns out, my dish washer had a massive breakdown, and it turns out my kitchen floor was flooded.  Super awesome.  I spent half an hour mopping before finally giving up and going to bed.  *sigh*

I confess… that I’m not going to let the dish washer meltdown ruin my Halloween day!  It was just water!  And I can wash dishes by hand, no biggie, I do that 80% of the time anyways!

I confess… that I slept with the hall light on last night.  Too much spooky googling and TV-watching yesterday.

I confess… that I ended up tripping down a very weird and creepy Wikipedia hole yesterday, after I started reading scary stories on  Somehow, I clicked on a link that took me to the true story of a young British girl who murdered two little boys back in the ‘60s, and from there, more clicks took me to even more horrifying true stories of children criminals.  It was horrifying to read the details, yet once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Ghosts and vampires and werewolves and witches and aliens are all creepy in their own right, but real-life monsters – especially when they’re just kids – are what true nightmares are made of.

I confess…that I wish I’d never read Stephen King’s The Stand.  With the Ebola scare going on right now, I can’t stop thinking of the plot of that story and how real it could become someday…

the stand

I confess… that I bought more mini chocolate bars last night.  Why, Jill? WHY!?! 

chocolate bars

I confess… that I’m one again declaring November “Healthy November”.  Starting Monday, I’ll be back on my meal plan and eating clean. (Giving myself the weekend to clear out the junk – again.)  Last November, I did this after a Halloween binge, in an effort to reach my “magic number”, and I was successful.  It’s embarrassing to admit now that a year later, I don’t think even a month of healthy eating can get me back down to that “magic number” .  It’s so far away now.  But I’m going to give it a shot before the Christmas food descends upon me, and it’s too late to right the ship.  I already feel like it might be too late…

I confess… that I didn’t end up dressing up today.  Well, not really.  My last-minute scramble didn’t work out so well, so I ended up putting on the only Halloweenie thing I could find:  a pair of troll doll Halloween earrings.  I’m claiming that I dressed up as “Jill from 1992”.


I confess… that I’m super pumped to greet the trick-or-treaters tonight!  I’m SO still a kid at heart… and not ashamed of it at all!

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!! 


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Nancy said...

I have the same earrings, but I am down to one left.