Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If your house HAD to be haunted…

OK, so it’s Halloween week, as we all know, and thus I have an urge to explore all things scary.  (Well, sort of scary, anyways.  I still need to be able to sleep at night, of course.)

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, they were discussing an interesting dilemma on the morning radio show I listen to:

If your house HAD to be haunted by something, what would you choose:

A) A vengeful ghost

B) A possessed doll

C) An evil leprechaun

D) A demon

This is an actual study that was recently conducted, apparently.  Some people have way cooler jobs than I do…

Anyways.  For me, the answer was quick and obvious.  If I HAD to be haunted (God forbid), I would choose the vengeful ghost.  If there’s anything I learned from my Scary Movie Marathon this past weekend, it’s that ghosts really just want you to listen to them, or do something for them.  They are angry because they have unfinished business.  So even though I’d probably crap my pants if a ghost showed up in my house, I would try to see if it had a message for me.  I would try to listen.  And if it had something it wanted me to do, I would try to do it for them.

The Sixth Sense ghost

Ghosts, I believe, can be reasoned with.  And if I ended up with a Bruce Willis ghost, I’d be delighted.


A possessed doll?  No thank you.  Old dolls can be terribly creepy.  If they could blink and move around and do damage?  Ten times creepier.


An evil leprechaun?  I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I thought leprechauns were jolly and came with boxes of Lucky Charms and pots of gold and mugs of green beer.  When did they suddenly turn evil?

evil leprechaun


Hell to the no.  Who in their right mind would EVER pick a DEMON!??!


Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about demons.  I live next door to a church.  Which means, Jesus is my next-door neighbour.  I believe in my heart that He would not allow a DEMON to move in next door.

Actually, I’m kind of counting on Jesus to shield me from the ghosts, dolls, and leprechauns too.

Another interesting tidbit… In the same study, they found that 13% of people would not buy a house if they address was 666. 


I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’ve always kind of half-considered 666 my lucky number (DEMONS, if you’re reading this, I did NOT just say that!!!)  See, Wade Redden’s number was 6, and one time in high school they had one of those giant jars full of jelly beans and you had to pay $1 to guess how many were in there.  I guessed 666 in Wade’s honour, and I won.  I ate jelly beans for months and months.  I mean, how LUCKY could I get?!

However, the other day I noticed I had 666 friends on Facebook and it gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I think I need to delete a friend.  Maybe I wouldn’t buy a house with that address after all.

So, folks?  What do ya think?  If you had to house a supernatural entity, what would you choose to be haunted by?

And if your dream house had a 666 address, would you still buy it?

Happy Halloweenie pondering, friends! :)


Anonymous said...

In the house my parents still live, we were convinced there was some kind of spirit in the back room closet. Both my sister and I heard our names being called when no one else was home. We named (him) Atluck. I'm going with vengeful ghost, as he never seemed evil. But I sure as hell don't sleep in that room.

VandyJ said...

I'd take the ghost too, considering the other options.
As for the house, well we have friends who used to live in 666 N. 7th. We lived in 660 1/2 N. 6th at about the same time. That's a lot of 6.

Nancy said...

I love that Jesus is your next door neighbour. I feel like your grandmother shows up at your place every so often. The doorbell rings sometimes, and nobody is there. Is the doorbell even connected? It gives me a happy feeling, like Hazel is showing up for a cup of tea. Your grandmother had one of the most beautiful faces on a person I have ever seen.

When I got my ancient cell phone they tried to give me number 6660. I said no, so they gave me a different one.