Friday, October 10, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Confessions

Happy Friday, friends!  AND the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend… what could be better?! 

But before the turkey and the pumpkin pie and the giving thanks stuff… we must confess!

I confess… that I’ve started losing sleep over Car Rally. I didn’t think it was going to happen.  My team has been so organized and on the ball and on top of things that there is no reason to be losing sleep.  And yet, for the past few nights, I’ve lain awake long past my bedtime, staring into the dark, running over and over in my head the things that still need to be done, and how that day is going to go.  My brain can be so annoying.

I confess… that I don’t know if I’ve looked forward to a day quite as much as I’m looking forward to the day after Car Rally.  I can’t wait to be a regular Car Rallyer again next year.

I confess… that I made another loaf of beer bread this week – this time a honey whole wheat version.  Beer bread is taking over my life.  I made it simply because I was fantasizing about grilled cheese sandwiches, and wanted to try one with beer bread.  (the sandwich?  didn’t turn out so great.  but the bread was still delicious.  not as delicious as the original version I made, but still pretty good.)

whole wheat beer bread

I confess… that I’m not losing any weight these days.  We’ll blame that on the current beer bread obsession.

I confess… that I placed my Amazon order this week for my Scary Movie Marathon, which I intend to hold on Oct. 25th.  I selected Stir of Echoes, Rosemary’s Baby, An American Haunting, and Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (because it has The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on it).  I’ve seen all of them except for Rosemary’s Baby, but I hear it’s a good one.  Oddly enough, the one that still creeps me out the most is the Disney cartoon one!!


I confess… that in the last stage of my order, it told me the expected delivery date was Oct. 29 – Nov. 4th. Clearly after the day I’ve chosen to hold the Scary Movie Marathon.  I went ahead and confirmed it anyways, because my Amazon orders always arrive earlier than the date they estimate.  Knock on wood!

I confess… that I wish I’d never read these 2-sentence horror stories.  A few of them creeped me out BIG time, and oddly, I don’t think of them until I’m alone in my bed in the dark.  ugh.

I confess… that I kind of can’t believe my nephew Caden is turning nine this weekend.  NINE.  My sister forwarded me this pic of him and his buddy Carter (who also celebrates his birthday this weekend), from when they turned three at daycare.  Crazy how time flies!

photo 1

I confess… that I’m really excited about my plans to go see Gone Girl tomorrow.  I loved the book, and can’t wait to see how the film adaptation works out!


I confess…that I was very jealous that my mom beat me to the theatre to see it.  My mom.  The woman I usually have to drag to the movie theatre with me.  No fair, man.

I confess… that I’ll forgive her probably after she feeds me turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie this weekend!! ;)

pumpkin pie

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my Canadian pals, and to the rest, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)


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Stacy said...

I feel the same about Car Rally...I feel good about it but I keep running things through my mind, I keep re-printing and going through, it's almost an obsession haha!

I can't wait for Oct 19th!