Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday Hodge Podge – My first!

Quite a few of my fave fellow bloggers have been taking part in a meme on Wednesdays called “Wednesday Hodge Podge” – the questions often interest me, so I decided to take part for the first time today!

Wednesday Hodge Podge

1. Are the leaves turning color where you live? Have they begun to fall? Will you have to rake when it’s all said and done? Is that a chore you love or loathe?

Indeed, the leaves are turning.  It seems early to me this year, but I’m happy with it all the same – I LOVE when the leaves start changing!  They are definitely falling, too.  Fortunately, I don’t have much raking to do around my place, so I enjoy the little bit I do have (if I do it at all… I’m more of a “chop them up with my lawn mower and hope they blow away” type of raker. ha!)

Fall leaves with rake

2. When did you last shake like a leaf?

Hmm… good question.  Honestly, the last time I remember was the night I flipped out of bed and hurt my neck.  In the initial aftermath, I recall feeling very, very shaky.

3. After 20 seasons with the NY Yankees, Derek Jeter played his last official game Sunday afternoon.  Jeter has been described even by opponents as a class act, both on and off the field. The NFL is back in action this month too, with several players in that sport also making headlines. What are your thoughts on athletes as role models? Should a professional athlete be expected to act as role model or is that going beyond their job description? What responsibility do the organizations these athletes work for have when it comes to dealing with off the field behavior? Discuss.

I believe professional athletes do have a responsibility to be good role models.  They are worshipped and revered, and in many cases it is impressionable children and teens who look up to them.  I mean, I did it too – Wade Redden was my everything.  It’s very easy to put athletes up on a pedestal.  It might not be in their job description to uphold these expectations of them, but when they step into that spotlight, they have to know that chances are they’ve become a hero to someone, and I think they’re making enough coin to respect that and at least try to behave. 

Unfortunately, making that kind of money seems to go to some of their heads and makes them think they’re above the law.  It encourages reckless, dangerous behaviour.  Criminal activity.  It happens time and time again.  In those cases, I do believe the organizations they work for should be at least partly held responsible.  Most employers expect their employees to act like good, decent, law-abiding citizens, even when they are away from the workplace.  Why should pro athletes be treated any differently?

4. What season of the year is toughest for you in terms of your health? Why?

I guess I would have to say winter.  I’ve been fortunate to be pretty healthy for the better part of two years now, with only a few minor colds (knock on wood), but I feel like during the winter I have to be on guard, more pro-active with vitamins, Echinacea, and eating healthy to ward off flu bugs and colds that others carry.  A few years ago, I had terrible spring and summer allergies, but strangely, that seemed to be isolated to that one year.

5. The top six healthy food trends of 2014 according to Eating Well are-

clean eating (more veg, less meat, less sodium, limit alcohol and processed foods)
trash fish(you know those fish that are caught in fishermen nets and thrown back? It seems chefs are finding creative ways to make them more appetizing)
cauliflower (the new IT vegetable)
kaniwa-(essentially baby quinoa, so like quinoa only smaller)
fermentation (think pickling only with twists on flavor we’re not accustomed to)
community supported farming-(farms operating with community support/membership)

Okay-so how many of the healthy food trends for 2014 have you experienced, encountered enjoyed? Any you’ve tried and said ewwww? Any on the list you’d like to try before year’s end?

I definitely can check off “clean eating”, as I took part in a one-week Clean Eating Challenge, and have since tried to incorporate that practice as much as possible (junk food binges notwithstanding).  I’ve also pinned a bunch of cauliflower recipes to try out, but the only ones I’ve actually attempted were Creamy Cauliflower soup (yum) and mashed cauliflower (okay, but not gonna replace mashed potatoes in my world…)  I’ve heard of some local farms that have recently started offering produce boxes and programs like that, which I may look into in the future.


6. In seven words or less, bid September adieu.

“Always lovely, cooler– but ready for October!”

7. What’s something on your October calendar that makes you happy just thinking about it?

Oh, I have too many things to pick just one!  Thanksgiving, of course.  My nephew’s birthday.  Hopefully going to see Gone Girl at some point.  CAR RALLY (and it finally being over!!!)  Scary Movie Marathon!!  And HALLOWEEN!! I’m ridiculously excited for Halloween this year!


8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I love yoga, and PiYo, and contemplating becoming a teacher.  You might recall me talking about the dream I have of opening my own health food store.  I see my yoga practice tying in with that, as well.  Sort of creating this wellness centre type of place, nourishing body, mind & spirit.  It’s weird how I can envision myself as this “hippie” sort, sipping green tea, sharing my love for yoga and PiYo with others, meditating, practicing Reiki, making healthy foods… because truthfully, though I love all of those things, I’m the furthest thing from a zen, floaty, hippie you could ever meet.  Still, I’m drawn to that lifestyle… It is the current dream.


Stacy said...

i will help you - i would love to be in that field - i can't do yoga but maybe i can make healthy snacks haha!

the fermented thing...kimchi is fermented cabbage and stuff and its soooo good

Stacie said...

Love the changing leaves, can't wait until ours start.

Joyce said...

I'm going with my neighborhood book club to see Gone Girl next week. We read the book when it first came out, so we're curious about the movie. I didn't love the book, but the film previews look good. Welcome to the Hodgepodge!

The Lovely One said...

I totally want to see Gone Girl, too!