Friday, November 21, 2014

Les Confessions.

My favourite day of the week is here again at last! I’m going to kick off the weekend in my usual way with some Friday Confessions.

I confess… that although I love Friday, I was not particularly fond of how it treated me this morning. I bought a load of baking ingredients last night, thus my cupboards are kind of jam-packed right now. When I tried pushing my Shakeology bag back into said jam-packed cupboard this morning after making my shake, it pushed out a box of … wait for it … toothpicks. Eleventy billion toothpicks scattered from one end of the kitchen to the other. Awesome.

I confess… that I totally blew the budget last night on things like Baker’s Chocolate, chocolate chips, candied cherries, flour, sugar, condensed milk, Oreo cookies… Dudes, Christmas baking is an expensive sport. But I’m pretty sure it will be worth it.


I confess… that I’m SO excited to get my bake on this weekend! There’s still some decorating to do, but in and around it, I’m going to get the Christmas cookies and bark underway. I’d like to have a few treats out the night of the House Tour for folks to sample. The goal will be for me to not sample them too much in advance.

christmas baking 3

I confess… that my perception of when Christmas is has been totally skewed by this House Tour. It dawned on me after I tossed and turned all night with my head just spinning with what’s left to do and the anxious excitement building inside me, that I’m feeling very much like I do in the days leading up to Christmas. This year, I get an advanced screening of it because instead of getting wound up for Dec. 25th, I’m now getting wound up for Dec. 1st. By the time actual Christmas gets here, I’m going to have felt totally strung out for 6 weeks I think.

I confess… that it’s the good kind of “strung out” though. The good kind of stress. Not the kind that makes me want to explode into tears and bury myself in a hole in the ground.  Thank goodness.

I confess… that my friend Lindsay’s excitement over her new PVR this week has me looking back fondly to just over a year ago when I finally got my PVR, and how excited I was about it. It felt like the coolest thing in the world. I still very deeply appreciate it every day – especially that sacred time each day that I get to spend with Jimmy. ;)


I confess… that as much as I love being able to fast-forward through commercials, I do find myself stopping every now and then to watch the odd Christmas commercial. Life is just empty without Christmas commercials.

I confess… that I have to admit, I was a teensy-tiny bit jealous of Buffalo and their snow this week.  Pretty sure they’d all kick me in the head for saying that, but there’s a part of me that would really love to be part of a giant snowstorm like that.  I don’t suppose I’d be loving it so much if I was actually there, especially now with the temps rising and flood warnings becoming urgent, but that feeling of been trapped inside with six feet of snow blocking your front door?  Gives me a little thrill just thinking about it.



I confess… that this is normally the time of year that I start to get jealous of my American buddies because they’re getting all psyched up for Thanksgiving. This year, I can honestly say because of my early on-set Christmas spirit, I don’t even begrudge them their turkey dinner. I am excited because it feels like once American Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season can officially begin!

I confess… that I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much about Christmas in November before in my life. I’m sorry guys… Nope. Not sorry at all. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!


VandyJ said...

I'm a bit jealous of the snow in Buffalo too. THe thought of being all snuggled in the house and not able to go outside just is so appealing right now. I could read...

Stacy said...

i do not want to be anywhere near Buffalo nor do I feel gosh...i hate the snow we already have and already we're getting warm temps and rain next week which will make everything a lovely, gross mess!

Stacie said...

I like to look at snow...from inside, in my PJ's, with a cup of hot cocoa...that is the only acceptable way to experience snow.

Nancy said...

Jillian, that looks like the plate of goodies your Mom gave me for Christmas, lol. We had so much snow in Kingston once, Reg had to climb out the 2nd story window to shovel. I was afraid of him getting smothered.

Anonymous said...

In some ways, I kind of like the idea of having Thanksgiving earlier like y'all; sometimes having it this late in November even can lead to conflicted holiday feelings!