Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I’m LOVING Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, gang!  I’m in a super good mood this week, so why not share a few of the things I’m LOVING this Wednesday?  Here we go!

  • I’m loving that I finally busted out the Christmas CD’s last night.  I got one tree up and lit while Elvis & friends crooned Christmas tunes to me.  It was bliss.

elvis christmas duets

  • I’m loving that I now have all of the borrowed furniture I required to assemble one of the upstairs spare bedrooms for the tour.  Another piece of the puzzle in place…
  • I’m loving my new bedroom!  OK, it’s not a new bedroom.  It’s the same bedroom I’ve been in for 6 years.  But in the past two weeks, it has been completely re-vamped.  New paint, new bedding, new blinds.  I go to bed half an hour early to read now, just so I can spend more time in it!
  • Speaking of going to bed early to read… I’m loving the book I’m reading!  It’s a book by Jeanette Walls called Silver Star.  I had high hopes for it, since I loved her memoir The Glass Castle, and sure enough, Silver Star is living up to my expectations!

silver star

  • I’m loving that it’s soup season again!  I swear, I think that’s the thing I missed most during the summer months.  (I know… who misses WINTER?  Well… I kinda did…) Last winter, it truly was one of my favourite things to do on cold days – get busy in the kitchen, and have a big soup pot simmering.  Late Saturday afternoon, after a busy day, I tried out a mish-mash of squash soup recipes hoping to create the perfect autumn blend.  It didn’t quite work out the way I hoped, but it’s still edible, and I’ve been enjoying it for supper each night this week.

squash soup

  • I’m loving that my bigger sized pants are finally starting to feel loose again.  Healthy November is going SO well!! A few more pounds and I’ll be able to fit back into my “skinny” pants again.  But I might just stay in this baggier size for a bit.  It’s been a while since clothes felt loose on me.  I love how they make me feel “thinner”.
  • I’m loving that snowflakes have started appearing in the pictures for the weather forecast.  So far, we haven’t seen many of them, and it doesn’t look like we have any major dumpings heading our way in the near future, but… I just love it when they are finally a possibility.  Flurries make me happy.


  • And speaking of snowflakes… I’m loving that I have mine cut out!  It’s become tradition for me to hand-cut snowflakes to go in each pane of glass for the door between my living room and dining room, and while it’s kind of a pain in the ass, it makes me feel good when they’re done.  Even if they do give me a snowflake-cutting blister on my thumb.

snowflakes 2

  • I’m loving that I feel like I’ve got time.  Last night I was rushing around trying to get a few decorating things done, and I had to pause and shake my head.  It’s only November 12th.  I still have three weekends left before the Tour.  There is still so much time… I know the list of things to do is long, but there’s no need to go about it all frantically.  (At least, not yet.)
  • I’m loving that I’ve had so many helping hands who are gung-ho about getting me & my house ready for the tour.  I hate burdening others with tasks and requests, but so far, most have been greeted cheerfully, willingly, and even sometimes with great enthusiasm!  Decorating for the holidays should be a jolly chore, and it makes me happy that so many family & friends are making sure it is just that for me as I prepare for the Tour.

I think that’s all she wrote for today, folks!

What are YOU loving this Wednesday?!


Anonymous said...

It's supposed to get cold here this weekend so I have a feeling I'll be feeling the Xmas love soon... and start blogging more about it. :)

Stacy said...

Other than showing up the day of, please let me know if you need anything from me. I have a "porch tree" which is in an urn that lights up sorta thing with lights that is already pre-lit...

Nancy said...

I am no help, Sorry. I have three house type decorations, the wreath your Aunt Brenda made me, the very cool crustal, light up gift your Mom gave me. Have fun.