Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Tuesday Stuff

  • My brain is already scattered, so what else to do but random it up?
  • Less than a week.  It’s officially LESS THAN A WEEK til the Christmas House Tour.  November feels like it’s dragged on forever.  I’ve been super busy, obviously, getting everything ready, but Halloween feels like it was an eternity ago.  I’m so excited that Tour night is finally almost here!
  • Last night, I had to buy 10 extension chords.  TEN.  Crazy.
  • Barring any last minute disasters (there’s bound to be one or two), I’m feeling pretty ready.  A few more goodies to make for the treat table, a few more little projects, some final finishing touches, and I’ll be good to go.  I can’t believe it.
  • Thank God there’s still one more whole weekend left to prepare, though, as the evenings this week are full.  Tonight is my only night at home all WEEK.  I’m even having to wake up early to get my work-outs done in the morning, and everyone knows how much I LOATHE that alarm going off an hour earlier. 
  • It’s a good thing everything is pretty well ready or else I’d be freaking out right now! Oh, of course I”m kind of freaking out anyways.  Every time I cross something off the “To Do List”, another thing seems to get added on!
  • Friday is our company Christmas party, which is a luncheon this year starting at noon, and then I’m off on Monday to make darn sure everything is ready for that night – so I’m kinda looking at this as a long weekend coming up!  Woo Hoo!
  • The non-woo-hoo part is that because all the decorating is pretty much done, this weekend is about cleaning.  And cleaning is not so much fun.
  • OK – enough House Tour rambling.  Here’s something that’s bothering me right now:  Bill Cosby.  I don’t want Bill Cosby to be a bad guy.  I don’t like reading all of these allegations against him, and I don’t want them to be true.  I want my image of Cliff Huxtable to remain squeaky-clean and in tact.  I know he’s been through this before, but now with each new story, it does appear that the man wielded his power, fame, and money in an inappropriate way over young women.  There’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to believe it.  It might be wrong of me to say it, but I want them to leave him alone.
  • Despite my gung-ho-ness about Christmas, I still have only watched on Christmas movie, and that was The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have some ground to make up.
  • Whoops…I’m back to Christmas again, aren’t I.  Sorry dudes.
  • Healthy November!  It’s rolling on!  I’m still not even close to being back down to my goal weight, but I’m back in my comfort zone, so I’ll take it.  Clothes don’t feel tight anymore, and that’s the main thing.
  • I have to confess that I did a pile of Christmas baking on the weekend, and I taste-tested probably a teensy bit too much.  Could be why I’m still so far away from the Magic Number. ;)
  • And…I think that’s all the random I’ve got for today!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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Stacy said...

not to jinx anything but with 10 freaking extension cords, lets hope there is no power failure cuz of too many lights! LOL
no worries, you will have your elves Lindsay and I there to help...ya know cuz we're electricians at heart ;)