Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Loves!

The morning hasn’t been going so smoothly… nothing major, just… “one of those mornings”.  I forgot it was garbage day and thus had to rush around gathering all of the garbage bags to put out this morning.  Then I forgot my travel mug of coffee on the counter when I left the house.  I returned home to get the mug after having breakfast with my mom (because I can’t live without my morning coffee), and that little detour had me arriving at work late.

Yeah.  Just… “one of those mornings”.

But rather than letting my bad start to the day get me down, I’m going to cheer myself up by thinking of the things I’m loving this Wednesday!  Here we go!!

I’m loving… Jimmy Fallon.  Of course.  Always & forever.  You guys know that.  But last night was extra-special.  See, this was supposed to be U2 Week on the Tonight Show, with performances, sketches, and all kinds of fun stuff with Bono and the boys all week long.  But then Bono broke his arm in a cycling accident over the weekend, leaving U2 Week on Fallon a bit of a bust.  Meh.  Whatever.  I’m not a huge U2 fan, so I didn’t really care.  But towards the end of Monday’s show (which I watched last evening), Jimmy announced that he had struggled to figure out what to do to fill in the last-minute musical act that night, when he realized he’s got the best band in the world right there with him in The Roots, and hell, he could pretend to be Bono for the night, right?  So he dawned a Bono-esque hat and shades, grabbed a guitar and harmonica, and then performed an amazing cover of “Desire”.  His impression of Bono was dead on, and I loved it.  Like, butterflies-in-my-stomach loved it.  Give me Jimmy & The Roots any night over U2!

I’m loving… that the Leafs lost 9-2 last night.

I’m loving… that I’ve finally made a start on my Christmas shopping.  Actually, more than a start.  I have gifts purchased (on-line) for my two nieces and nephew, as well as Danica’s birthday gift on order.  Kids are donezo.  Phewf.  Now if SOME PEOPLE in my family would SEND OUT THEIR CHRISTMAS WISH LISTS, I could get going on the rest of my shopping.  *hint*hint*family* ;)

I’m loving… that Christmas House Tour is just over a week away now.  My house is pretty much Christmasified right now.  I have two rooms that still need work – dining room and “craft room” – and some baking to do -  but I’m feeling very prepared and ready otherwise.

I’m loving… CHRISTMAS!!!  The snow we got this week has definitely added to the atmosphere, as well as the Christmas shopping on-line, plus the fact that every corner of my home is screaming “CHRISTMAS!!!!”.  I know it’s still too early for normal people, but I’m feeling as festive as can be here in mid-November, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch up. ;)

I’m loving… Maroon 5 and “Animals”.  The first single of their new album, “Maps”, didn’t really do it for me, but last year’s Sexiest Man Alive (who trumps this year’s by a LONG shot, in my opinion – no offence Chris Hemsworth, but I barely know ye) has re-ignited my love for him & his band with this one.  It’s my jam right now.  This morning, it came on the radio when I was driving to work, and then I actually sat in my car in the parking lot to hear the big howl he lets loose.  I love it.

EditI didn’t watch the video before I posted it.  And… it’s kinda grody, dudes. My apologies.  Adam, I still love ya, but this is a little bit messed.  ick.

I’m loving… that the number on the scale keeps going down… and better yet, I finally feel like I have my healthy eating ways back in check.  I know that when presented with temptation, I’m still far too easily swayed, but at least when I’m on my regular daily routine, I can keep myself on track.  No more foraging through the fridge and cupboards each night stuffing my face.  I eat what my meal plan tells me to and that’s it.

I’m loving… my long johns.  Oh, that’s right, folks.  I had to bust the long johns out again this week.  I’d been putting it off and putting it off, but the time had come.  I’m enjoying my second skin and the warmth it brings me.

I’m loving… that the long johns actually fit under my pants.  Two weeks ago, I think it would’ve been a painfully tight squeeze…

I’m loving… New babies!  My friend Sara and her husband Graham welcomed their third child last Friday.  I hear beautiful baby Hannah is getting lots of love from her big sister Charlotte and big brother Daniel – and I so can’t wait to meet her!  Newborn snuggles are my favourite!

Happy Wednesday friends!!


Emmy said...

I must admit I am totally excited for Christmas too, usually I am no- not until after Thanksgiving kind of girl, but I am so tempted to my set my tree up already!

Jimmy Fallon really is pretty amazing and so funny. And good for you for looking for the good after a rough start of the day

Anonymous said...

Though I am still feeling Thanksgivingy, since it is next week, I have been listening to Christmas music in my office. I guess I am prepping myself!