Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday randomness.

  • This day was an OK day. Riiiight up until the moment the underwire of my bra decided to poke out and stab me in the chest.  This is a problem I seem to have far too often, and is likely a direct result of me buying cheap-ass Giant Tiger bras.
  • A while back, I asked for recommendations on how to fix my insanely dry, chapped lips.  It took me weeks to finally get out and actually buy something other than the lacklustre lip balms I already owned, but once I finally did… ding, ding, ding, I found the winner!  I’ve been using Blistex Lip Medex in a little dark blue pot for two weeks now, and it has finally remedied that situation.  Soft, lovely, kissable lips.  (just an fyi, boy readers.)

lip medex

  • Current favourite song to belt out whilst driving in my car:   “We Were Us” by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert.  It’s kind of like country rapping, and I get the words wrong 94% of the time, but it’s a fun one to sing along to.
  • PS – I may now believe that I am Miranda Lambert’s voice twin.  She joins the elite ranks of Adele and Sheryl Crow, who I have also deemed to be my voice twins in the past.
  • I’m trying really hard in this post to not mention the word “Christmas”, since it is only the middle of November and I think I may have already talked about Christmas excessively in the past few weeks.  But it’s really hard not to talk about Christmas.  I’m so so so excited for it this year.
  • I’ve been getting up early a few days a week for the past month to get my workouts in.  You would think I’d be starting to get used to it, but I am not.  When the alarm goes off at 5:25 (which is actually 5:15 because my clock is set 10 minutes fast), I usually groan or shout something like “Oh, COME ON!!!”  Doesn’t seem to matter if I go to bed at 9:00 PM (way too early for me).  I am just not a morning person and I hate getting up that hour earlier.
  • I continue to do so, though, because I really love having my evenings free to do as I please.  And so far, that has outweighed my deep loathing for getting up an hour earlier.
  • I saw a report this morning that Billy Miller is leaving the Y&R.  Two months ago, I would not have cared because I had fallen off the Y&R train long ago, and didn’t anticipate hopping back on anytime soon.  But I got a PVR, and that coincided with the storyline revolving around Billy’s daughter’s tragic death on the show, and it hooked me.  Well… he hooked me.  And now he’s leaving? bah.  Sorry, Y&R, but I fear you’re losing me again!


  • Have I ever told you guys how much I love yoga?  I really love yoga.  Even when I can’t do the pose the way I’m supposed to.  I used to find that extremely frustrating, but now I find myself just rolling with it.  I’m seriously tossing around the idea of giving up a few of my days of cardio so that I’m doing yoga several days a week instead of just once.  That’s how much I’m loving it.
  • Two movies I’m looking forward to seeing:  Catching Fire & About Time.  I’m hoping for a few trips to “my happy place” in the weeks to come!

catching fire

about time 

I think that’s all she wrote for today, folks.  Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I love yoga too. I did it with all three kids (and before then) but then I stop once the kid is born. I'd love to go back!

Stacy said...

glad you found the lip stuff we were trying to explain to you!!

VandyJ said...

I have yet to try yoga. What program are you using? I'm willing to give it a shot.

I'm kind of looking forward to us all being healthy again and starting to go to the rec center and swimming or running or something active.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I found keeping properly hydrated helps to keep my lips and skin from cracking so badly in the cooler months, but still both need help despite drinking 60+ounces of water each day. Glad to hear your problem is resolved. Happy random!

Stacie said...

My Mom sets her clock ahead a ridiculous amount of time and I never know what time it really is when I am at her house!

Nicole said...

The only Yoga I've ever tried was the p90x Yoga, Yoga X, and it sucked. Maybe I should try this though because everyone talks about how easy/fun it is....