Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday things to think & smile about.

Yesterday was a good day.

Today?  Not so much.  Again, nothing terribly wrong or bad… just… not walking on sunshine like I was yesterday.

So what do I do to lift my spirits?  I head to Pinterest and take stock.  Here are some of the things I saw that have made me smile, or brought me peace, recently. 

Because life’s too short to walk around feeling cranky, anxious, or burdened, right?  Right.

Enjoy. :)

pooh quoteI’ve kinda been hanging out in my corner of the Forest for a long time now… starting to think about venturing out again.

t-shirt dec 25th

This is SO true!!!!

scott eastwood I did not know until recently that Clint Eastwood had a son.  But boy, am I ever glad I do now… Ladies & gentlemen, this is Scott Eastwood.  And I like.


Um… yes.  Unfortunately.  Please refer to Scott Eastwood up there. ;)

 dexter meme

Only Dexter fans can appreciate this one – I burst out laughing when I saw it!


SO true – I’ve got the exercising thing down pat, now if only I could be stronger with the food!!


An important one to keep in mind with the holidays approaching…

i like to party

Remember up  there, when I said I haven’t been venturing out of my corner of the Forest much?  It’s because of the napping.



his timing

I have to believe this is true…

And last but not least, absolutely my favourite thing that I’ve seen on Pinterest this week:


Look out, lads, here I come!!!!!!


Have a great Thursday, kids. :)


Nicole said...

I soooooooo need that tshirt because that's totally me. You might add December 24th in there as well....

Emmy said...

Love love that Christmas shirt! I want one to wear Christmas morning.

I didn't know Clint Eastwood had a son either, he is totally hot!

Hope today is a good day