Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It’s Tuesday. Let’s get random.

  • I may be in a very small minority, but dude, I get so excited when the words “snow” and “storm” show up together in the weather forecast!!  Those fickle ol’ weathermen are calling for our first real winter storm of the season to start tonight, with up to 25 cm of the white stuff on the ground by tomorrow night.  I’m willing to bet it’s not as bad as they’re all predicting, though.  I firmly believe the weathermen are all about the hype.  Get me all excited for nothin’.

winter storm

  • I went to my nephew Caden’s hockey game on Saturday, and I was pleased to discover we have a little superstar in the fam.  I told him on the way to the game that I fully expected him to score 6 goals.  My mother instantly jumped in and said, “No, no, no – forget about scoring goals, just play hard.  That’s what matters most.  Being a good team player and working hard out there is more important than being a goal scorer.”  Then she glared at me, all like, Zip it, darling daughter!!!  And then buddy went out there and lit it up, scoring 4 goals in a big 10-2 win.  It wasn’t 6 like I asked for, but it was pretty close.  Kid made this auntie very proud. :)

caden's hockey game 2013

  • When I got home from Caden’s hockey game, I hauled out the boxes of Christmas decorations and the tree and got crackin’.  There was a light snow falling outside, and it just felt right.  This is the earliest I’ve ever decorated for Christmas, and I know some people would say it’s way too early, but honestly… I don’t care.  I love how my house feels when it’s decorated for Christmas.  I love how it feels to sit on my couch, cozied up in a quilt, with just the glow of the tree and candlelight.  I love the warm feeling it brings to my heart.  So no.  I make no apologies for decorating on November 23rd.

christmas tree 2013

  • I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m so very very excited for Christmas this year.  Yes, I realize that I’m always excited for Christmas – still very much like a 5-year-old at heart when it comes to the magic of the holiday season – but I feel like this year, it’s OK to really embrace it again.  Over the past three years, I’ve finally understood why some people dread the holidays, and can’t wait for the “festive season” to pass.  For many, it’s a glaring reminder of loved ones who are no longer here, an emptiness in their hearts, and the memories can leave an ache and sadness that I didn’t previously understand.  With the losses my family has faced over the past three years, I finally got it.  I still had my love for Christmas, but as the big day approached, I also felt apprehension, worry, and sadness.  These past three Christmases have been bittersweet in many ways.  This one, though?  This one feels exciting again.   Especially because we have three little ones who are right in the middle of that prime “Believing” time in their lives (including one little monkey who has just learned to say “Santa” as clear as a bell!)  It doesn’t mean I won’t still miss the family members who won’t be here.  Of course I’ll still miss them, very much.  But I feel more merry than I have for a few years, and it’s definitely a welcome feeling :)
  • Tonight, I’m starting my baking.  And I.can’t.wait.!!!  I have to make some cookies for the House Tour next Monday, and I’m really hoping I have success with three new recipes – White Chocolate Chip Cranberry cookies, Cran-Pistachio cookies, and Cinnamon French Toast cookies.  All are new for me, so I hope they turn out.  And I’m so looking forward to being in the kitchen with my Bieber Christmas CD blasting tonight!

holiday cookies

  • In the weeks to come, I have several other recipes to try out for different kinds of cookies, as well as the usual bark that I make every year.  I also found a different recipe for a bark that I think I absolutely have to try.  I’ll be buying more melting chocolate this weekend, I guess!!

cookie crunch bark

  • Someone does need to somehow stop me from eating excessive Christmas baking this year, though.  I don’t know how it’s going to be done, but I need to put some kind of restraining order on myself.  Last Friday, our neighbour here at the farm brought over a box of shortbread, and I attacked it like a crazy person.  Couldn’t stay out of it.  Zero willpower.  Had to have it evacuated from the office (after I’d already eaten about 8 cookies).  I’m so totally, completely doomed…
  • I know the obvious solution is to make no more than I intend to give away.  But that’s kind of impossible.  Especially when I love to bake/melt-chocolate-and-swirl-things-in-it at Christmastime.  And especially since I love to eat it.  And especially since I always end up making way too much.  Like I said… zero willpower.
  • I’m so so so ready to start watching Christmas movies and specials.  I actually already watched Elf (one of my faves) this past weekend.  It really never gets old.

elf (1)

  • Oh, I need to get my Christmas lights up outdoors still… maybe I’ll do that tonight before the baking extravaganza begins.   And also, before the first Winter Storm of the season begins.  squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Happy Random Tuesday, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! We watched Elf last weekend too. Love it! The emergency alarms are going off on campus right now, which means our weather is BAD. Though it is not snow, of course, seeing as how I live in Florida.

Nicole said...

Dearest, I watch Christmas movies year round. You SOOOOOOOO don't have to wait! I'm just saying :). I've also had my Christmas tree up for 3 weeks now but it was partially due to seeing how my cat would react since this is the first year I have a kitty cat. It isn't decorated yet because I have to wait for Tori.

Jen said...

I am also part of that small minority...I am so excited for the snow storm! And Christmas....
It's the most wonderful time of year! Enjoy...

kyooty said...

For me it's the spending that gets me in a tizzy. The stress of finding just the right gift. I know it shouldn't be all about the spending or the gifts but it's hard to keep that in check.
The baking? oh I can totally get carried away in the "testing"
Happy RTT!!!