Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My apologies, Mr. Weatherman. You were right. And I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday, I kind of said some not-nice things about the weatherman.  I called him fickle.  And I said he was all about the hype.  All talk, no action, that silly ol’ weatherman is, I tell ya.

And while I do still generally believe those statements are true, I must make an apology to Mr. Weatherman today.

Because in this case… he was right.

So totally, completely, frigging right.

And I honestly could not be happier.

I love snow.  I love wintertime.  And while I’ve discovered a new-found loathing for being cold, it still has not deterred my absolutely adoration for this time of year.

I am that kid.  The one who is anxiously peering out the window at 10:00 PM before going to bed, begging and pleading with the skies to open up with a whirl of beautiful white flakes.  “Snow, you  sonofabitch… SNOW!!” I muttered last night before turning in, but I admit my hopes weren’t high.  When I went to bed, it was, in fact snowing, but nothing was really adding up, and I strongly doubted there would be the forecasted 20 cm on the ground when I opened my peepers this morning.

I was wrong.

snow 1 Looking out my front window at 7:30 AM

It was around 5:00 AM that I was wakened to deafening silence in my bedroom.  I lay there, very still, a little disoriented, wondering why it seemed so quiet.  It wasn’t until the power came back on and the fan in my room started up again that I realized the power had been off.

Mere moments later, I heard the first sounds of a snowplow rumbling by.

I jumped out of bed and cracked the blinds to peer out – and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a good foot of snow on the ground and more flying through the air!

It was pure and utter joy, my friends.  Pure and utter joy.

The morning of “the first snow” is pretty much the equivalent in giddiness for me as Christmas morning.  I’ve always loved that first snow.

And this one?  This one was pretty spectacular.  A real picture, my mom would say.  Like a Christmas card.  It was beautiful.  I was so glad I got to drive through town and into work before too much plowing and shoveling and sanding had taken place, to simply soak up and enjoy that pure, undisturbed, powdery-white magic.

When I put my Facebook and BBM status this morning as “Nothing makes me happier than waking up to the sounds of a snowplow!!! :D”, I quickly received a text from my sister saying, “Really??  You’re NUTS!!”

And I replied, “I don’t have far to drive.  And snow makes my heart sing.”

And that’s the truth, my friends.

I probably won’t love it so much when I have to haul out the shovel this evening.  I probably wouldn’t love it so much if I had any distance to travel to work every morning.  And by the end of March, I’ll probably be wishing it away, just like everyone else.

But this morning?  November 27th, 2013?

snow 2  View from my upstairs hall window

my heart was singing.

Thank you, Mr. Weatherman.

Thank you.


Stacy said...

You know I have a love-hate relationship - I would absolutely LOVE it...if I could stay home every single snow day...however, we have to make money and get our butts to work...but I do admit, it was "pretty" snow this morning - while driving on the Mountain road, its not as busy and not as dirty with sand so it was nice but the trees looked pretty heavy with all that heavy snow!
Go home and build a snow family tonight!!

Lindsay said...

Usually, this post would make me depressed! But I have to admit that this year, the snow makes me happy! I hate that Ryan has to work so much and plow but even he doesn't mind it because of sledding! I am just lucky that I get to walk to work and not worry about driving any distance for work. I hope that it stays and doesn't melt into a yucky muddy mess! xo

Nicole said...

haha we refer to the weatherman around here as Lying Gary Bandy (that's his name minus the lying part). I swear he never gets the weather right.