Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Tuesday Random

It’s Tuesday.  The perfect day of the week to go random!

  • Things people don’t tell you when you say “hey, I’m going to lose 75 lbs.”:  that after you do, you’re going to FREEZE.  I swear, I’m alwaysalwaysalways cold now.   We used to fight over the thermostat in this office – Sue & Lindsay on the “it’s too cold” side, and the rest of us on the “someone turn on the damn air conditioner” side.  I have officially switched sides.
  • I should really apologize to Lindsay for all the times I told her there was something wrong with her, and that I thought she was part lizard or something.  And I really would apologize to her, except I’m too busy trying to crawl under her desk to huddle by her space heater.

space heater

  • PS – to the family member who has my name for Christmas that might be reading this… I forgot to put down that I need a space heater for under my desk.  Please & thank you.
  • Despite my new-found loathing of the cold… snow still excites me.  I think snowflakes are just about the prettiest things in the whole wide world.


  • There is just something about this time of year – that pre-Christmas “calm before the storm” – that I adore.  It’s this magnetic draw to hunkering down on the couch with my quilt, steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate at my side, and a good book or movie (or both).  No real panic yet, as there’s still plenty of time to get the shopping done and the Christmas cards mailed and the baking in the freezer… it’s just time to soak up the quiet, still moments that the early dark and the first cold bring with them before the madness explodes.

Cozy-Cabin-Posters except that I don’t live in a cabin with a fire place or a dog, and I don’t live on the water, and I don’t have an old rocking chair.  I just like this picture I guess.

  • I admit, though, that I have been in a “book slump” for a few weeks.  I haven’t been doing much reading at all.  It’s been nagging at me that our next Book Club meeting is in early December, and I hadn’t yet flipped the book open. So I finally did it last night.  With the PVR set for The Voice, my dishes and laundry done, and Yoga class over, I finally took one of those precious, sacred hours on the couch with the quilt and the book, and I immersed myself in Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  And it was much-needed.


  • I’m on a Dexter hiatus.  I know. It’s sad.  But I made a deal with myself.  I just finished Season 5, and I’ve made the difficult decision to hold off on buying the next season until the new year.  I need to save my money for Christmas shopping, and I’m going to be too busy anyways with Christmas festivities – decorating, baking, watching holiday specials, spending time with family and friends – to be with Dexter.  It only makes sense.  Even though I’ll miss him.

Dexter christmas See you after Christmas, Dex.

cowboy quiche

  • The best part about finally hauling my butt out of bed early in the AM to get my workouts done is that I now have time in the evenings to play around in the kitchen!   In the weeks to come, I’m looking forward to making spaghetti sauce, chili, hamburger soup… yum!!
  • Have I mentioned yet how much I love this time of year?  Man, I love this time of year. :)
  • except for the cold.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Mrs. Match said...

I love snow, and winter, and all things holidays. I wish we got snow where we live, but it's been in the 70s. Sigh. I think today is our first cold day and I can't wait to get out for a walk!
Ha, I totally remember freezing at my office. One of those pesky side effects of being in shape. Good for you! And everytime you shiver, you're burning calories.
That quiche looks delicious!
I didn't know Emily Giffin had a new book. I'm going to have to check it out.

Stacy said...

I love the cold...if I can stay in my house, cuddled in a blanket on my couch...not driving to the city with patches of ice and two hands clenched so hard on the wheel that when I get to work, my hands hurt....but I am getting in the mood to decorate full force...I slowly brought out my winter stuff, but I want to get my lights up in my front window!

Anonymous said...

LOL I have posted that same photo on my blog at one point or another. I think it was glittery though or something. But yes, I get that feeling too.

Lindsay said...

HA! Welcome to the "cold" side! It's not very fun but I am glad to have another person fighting on the "it's cold" side of the thermostat! xo

Lindsay said...

HA! Welcome to the "cold" side! It's not very fun but I am glad to have another person fighting on the "it's cold" side of the thermostat! xo

Stacie said...

I should be sweating like a pig with my body fat, but I freeze at the office, I, too, am going to have to break down and get a heater.

Nicole said...

I'm with ya, I love this time of the year too. So is the book any good?