Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Why? WHY Do I Do This to Myself??

Yesterday it snowed here. Like, a LOT. And it was Trade Deadline Day in the NHL, which is usually pretty exciting - (some boys call it "Christmas") - and the perfect entertainment for a snow day.

However, Sens GM Bryan Murray had already traded pretty much everyone before Deadline Day. And I really could care less about the trades other teams make. So what was I supposed to do to entertain myself for the day?

Watch a scary movie. Brilliant plan.

I rarely watch scary movies, because I have an extremely over-active imagination, and watching them results in me not sleeping well and needing almost every light in the house on, every night, all night, for months.

But every so often I get the urge to see one. And lately, Paranormal Activity 2 had been calling my name.

Occasionally Luke & Amanda let me watch a movie with them, and for the past few weeks, I've been suggesting the follow-up to Paranormal Activity, which thrilled and delighted spooky film fans a few years ago. I saw the original with some friends, and still, at times, when I think about it, my imagination runs wild and I start hearing all kinds of creepy bumps in the night. (And in the daytime, too.) How could I see the first one, and not the second one? However, L & A weren't about to watch the sequel with me.

So I figured yesterday was the perfect time to view it. In the middle of the afternoon. Far away from the dark and eerie quiet of night time. With the soothing sounds of snowplows rumbling up and down the road outside.

Surely I would be okay, right?


It takes very little to freak me out. And I can confidently tell you that this one didn't bother me nearly as much as the first one. But still, I was jumpy. During the movie, with the blinds wide open, and the snowplows zooming by outside, I was jumpy. Strangely enough, it sounded like someone was walking around upstairs in my house. (Probably car doors slamming at the post office next door, but it sounded like footsteps on my second floor.) Also, I had a load of laundry in the dryer in the basement, and my fish tank (which desperately needs to be cleaned. again.) is low in water, and so I could hear the water running in that the whole time too.


So I packed up my chips and chocolate bar and Diet Pepsi and movie and took it to my mom's to finish watching it. I actually started to worry that by watching the movie in my home, I was inviting the demons into my house. Like opening up the front door and saying, "Hey demons, c'mon in, I need some company, we can be friends". No way, nuh-uh, not welcome.
So I took them to my parents instead.

I slept with the hall light on last night. But truth be told, that light's been on every night for months, thanks to a combination of Orphan and many episodes of Criminal Minds. I think it will probably have to stay on for the rest of my life.


In closing, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN BIEBER!! 17 years old today!! My little boy is growing up!! ;) Everyone listen to "Baby" in his honour today, okay? Okay.


Nicole said...

Yeah I refuse to watch stuff like that for that very reason! Plus I live in the country... no one is around to help me :( I won't even watch CSI, Criminal Minds, nothing... although every once in a while I'll watch Cold Case.

Chris MacKechnie said...

Ya, gee. Come to think of it, Quyon is kinda perfect for serial killers and sociopaths.

It takes the cops forever to show up, so any self-respecting sociopath would be able to take his time. Do a bit of stalking first, maybe a mad chase down main street before he catches you and drags you back. He'd be taking a bet that the neighbours won't hear, but in winter, the windows are all closed tight, I guess. So it's probably a good gamble.

And the nice big basement in the manse would be perfect for some extended torture sessions (after he used your email to send a message to work saying you're sick and all.

I'd be a lot more worried about humans than ghouls. Although you live in a pretty creepy house. No telling what could be buried in the basement. And it's kinda weird that I don't know who built it or anything. Nobody talks about it.

I guess for all we know it some some outsider who built it for cheap. Maybe got rid of a few things he didn't want found. Ya know?

Now people might know something weird took place there, but Quyon doesn't like a scandal, so I'm sure nobody would talk about it. It's a funny town that way.

And that's well an good unless you live in that house.

So Jill. What movie are ya watching next?

Jill said...


You DO realize I have to stand in that basement and do LAUNDRY, right?!?!?!

Shannon said...

Oh my god, Jill - I'm the EXACT same way! I haven't seen the movie but I've heard far too many things about it to even consider watching it. I'm the same way with Criminal Minds - I have to watch something super funny after most episodes because they creep me out so much and I have 2 guys living with me lol! Hang in there, Jilly - you live beside the church so nothing can hurt you :)

Anonymous said...

Jillian, re-read the caption on the movie...the one about your sleepless nights are about to begin!!! FYI!....I do home blessings.

nancy said...

Sorry, Jillian,
I forgot to sign my name to my posting, unless you have other friends who do home blessings? LOL!nancy