Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Things That Are Making Me Smile This Morning

  • It's SPRING!!! And the snow we got yesterday is disappearing quickly!! Wooo!!

  • The thought of my niece Danica's new "scowl face", which she gives when you tell her no, raise your voice to her at all, contradict her in any way, or say anything in general that pisses her off. It looks like this. (Except she's a girl. And her ears aren't that big. And she's much cuter. And...well...she's white.)

  • Garrett Hedlund's version of "Silver Wings". It's like warm, melting, butter on pancakes. Or popcorn. To my ears.

  • Knowing that Brittany is 17 today. I remember the day she was born. It makes me feel old, but getting to shout "Happy Birthday!!" to her while she waited for the bus started the day off in a great way!

  • Thinking about walking into the men's washroom at the Sens game on Saturday night, like a complete idiot.

  • Remembering my nephew Caden recounting his trip into Luke's team's dressing room after they won their hockey league title on Sunday afternoon. "They were shouting and screaming...It was crazy in there!"

  • Knowing that ball season is just around the corner...

  • The thought of having two new babies in the family, as my cousins Paula & Jory and David & Dawn are both expecting over the next few months. It's so nice to have something happy to look forward to in the near future for our family.

  • Daydreaming about my new "crush". Not because he's hot. Well, of course he's hot. But I actually get the giggles when I imagine introducing him to my uncle, because his dog has the same name as the crush. The dude's outta my league anyways, but even if he was interested, it would be a no-go, simply because he has a dog's name, and my family would tease the crap out of him.

  • Knowing that very soon, there's going to be a new little one arriving here at the farm!

  • Thinking of my brother laughing at me for thinking about supper at 7:55 AM on Friday morning when I invited myself to go to Montana's that night with him and his girlfriend.
  • The excitement of actually starting a new exercise and healthy eating program that I'm jumping into this week!

  • Thinking ahead to this time next year, as Lindsay & Ryan's wedding will be quickly approaching, and all the fun of showers and parties that we will be in the midst of right about now... :)

Happy Tuesday morning everyone!!


Nicole said...

and well she's white... you seriously crack me up!

Kara said...

That is definitely the same face - balck or white - it don't matter...

Brittany . said...

You yelling happy birthday to me down the road deffinatly made my day jilly :) . and your NOT getting old. ♥