Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just when I was starting to think it might be okay to like Chris Brown again...

Let’s get one thing clear: I was never a huge fan of Chris Brown’s, even before his bout of domestic violence in 2009. In fact, I really only liked his song “With You”. And if I’m being entirely honest, I preferred Boyce Avenue’s cover of the song over the original, anyways.

So it was easy for me to hate him when the news broke that he had viciously abused his then-girlfriend, pop superstar Rihanna on the eve of the ‘09 Grammys. To call him a scumbag would have been too kind. The news more than tarnished his previously-stellar career, and the album he released shortly after the scandal, Grafitti, was a bonafide failure.

I figured Brown’s career was effectively destroyed, and rightly so. Why support anyone who abuses another person, especially his girlfriend? Spousal abuse should never be rewarded, in any way. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


But then, a few months ago, I was listening to KISS FM and they were playing this new song that was kind of catchy, and having listeners call in to give their feedback on whether or not they should keep it in their rotation or ditch it. It was Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” from his latest album, F.A.M.E. Dude was trying to mount a comeback, but I doubted it would work. Yet, I had to admit, I did like the song…

As the weeks passed by, it was clear the verdict was to keep the song in the rotation, and it was getting steady play. As much as I hated to admit it, I was digging it. It was added to my exercise music playlist on my iPod, and I definitely had more jump in my step when that song came on.

I wrestled with the morality of it all. Just because I like Chris Brown’s music – like, two of his songs – doesn’t mean I condone domestic violence. It doesn’t mean I approve of what he did to Rihanna. I just…like the music…

And so, apparently, do a lot of other people. There was comfort in numbers. Brown’s fan base was building back up; people were moving on from the Rihanna incident and giving him a second chance. If all of them could do it, then surely it was okay for me to enjoy his tunes, too?

But then. Then news broke yesterday of another Chris Brown meltdown. After appearing on Good Morning America and being asked about the abuse, Brown lost his temper and tore apart his dressing room, causing all kinds of damage and security had to be called to control him.

Just when I was starting to think it might be okay to like him again. And just when he started hooking up with Justin Bieber to collaborate!! (Haters, don’t even start with me. It’s been a long time since I talked about the Biebs. I’m due.)

Still, couldn’t help but think that buddy had run out of second chances. What a jackarse. Don’t want to talk about how you beat up your girlfriend in a rage? Poor pet. Do you really think enough time has gone by that people aren’t still going to be asking about it? That people’s memories are that short?

Think again, douche.

I seriously contemplated wiping him right off my iPod. But dammit, I like that song too much…

Then I remembered: My Chris Brown tunes were illegal downloads. So I figure this is my way of getting back at him, in my own little way.

I get to keep dancing. He remains a loser of grand proportions.

Everybody wins.

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