Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Maybe I Am a Gleek After All...

I've always wondered why I couldn't get into Glee. So many people were in love with it, and I just couldn't make it through an episode. I couldn't figure out why. On paper, it looked like it was designed for me: A motley crew of nerds, losers, cheerleaders, and jocks joining together to sing songs and perform, all while battling the daily grind of being a high school kid.

I was one of those high school losers who loved to hole myself up in the basement and dance around and pretend I was going to be the 'next big thing'. Wouldn't it have been awesome if my school had had a glee club?

Oh, right. The little fact that I can't sing. Well... maybe I'd just hang out at the door and wish I could join them. Whatever.

Anyways, when I first started hearing about Glee, I was sure it was going to be my new favourite show. So I tried to watch Season 1, episode 1. I fell asleep. I tried to watch the second episode. And I ended up changing the channel. Then I consulted with a bunch of ball players who informed me I was wasting my time on Glee, I should be watching Criminal Minds instead.

I left Glee behind.

I never looked back.

Until this past Sunday. Superbowl. And being advertised all around it, with much hype and grandeur, was a new episode of Glee. Bigger and better than ever. Right after the big game.

When I got home from the party at Lindsay's, I was still wound up and couldn't sleep, so I decided to give Glee another shot.

And I loved it.

A showdown between jocks, cheerleaders, and glee club, with several members caught between two worlds. A fight to overcome high school segregation to bring all of them together, to bring peace, to win the football game, and to perform the most legendary high school half-time show ever. Hell, it might have been more legendary than some of the NFL Superbowl half-time shows.

They did a mash-up of Thriller and Heads Will Roll, complete with wild zombie make-up and costumes, and it was pretty awesome. Awesome enough to have me tune back in again last night for another new episode? Yep.

So last night, it was the V-day ep. And you all know how much I loathe V-day. But one part of the storyline had me giggling and loving this V-day tribute.

It was Puck. And his relentless pursuit throughout the show of one of his fellow glee club members, Lauren.

Okay, so I already had a lil crush on Puck. He was the only character, in the few times I tried to watch before, that stood out to me. I know, I know. Only because of his looks. Yes, it's true, he totally rocks the bad-boy-football-player-but-I'm-not-too-cool-for-glee-club persona. And him, holding a guitar, singing, while sporting a shaved head with the beginnings of a mohawk...ummm, yeah. Me like. A lot.

Last night, he literally had me laughing out loud as he chased around Lauren, begging her to be his Valentine. Lauren is, um, shall we say...a little on the heavier side? At first, I was thinking, "Oh, she's so like me in high school." But as I saw more and more of Lauren, I realized she wasn't like me at all. I had zero self-confidence, and never expected any guy to pay attention to me. I poked fun at myself all the time. Lauren, on the other hand, embraces her full-figured body, and has Puck running after her, making him jump through hoops to prove his worthiness of being with her.

She kind of inspired me. I wondered why I didn't try to be more like that in high school. Or even now.
In any case, my absolute favourite scene was when Puck led the guys of glee club in a raucous performance of "Fat Bottomed Girls", his love song to Lauren. I was literally LOL'ing. Lauren wasn't impressed, but I was. I loved it.

So, I've been charmed, apparently. After over two years of declaring that I just don't get Glee, I've finally been drawn in. I think I may be a Gleek after all.
And I owe it all to Puck.



Ashley said...

Yay! So happy you caved, Glee is fantastic. Now you can go back and watch from the beginning. Some episodes are slow and sometimes the singing can be a bit much but overall, it's a great show.

Welcome to the Gleek Club! :)

Stacy said...

I tried to watch it last night and couldn't get into it - maybe I'll try again...
as for you singing...uumm hello - you got paid to sing at church!!

Jill said...

haha - Thanks Ashley! I'm actually thinking about getting Season 1 on DVD to catch up.

I had to Wikipedia it to get the back story on what's going - I was confused with the Finn-Quinn-Sam-Rachel-Puck history, had to get that sorted out in my mind. lol

Stace - I did not get "paid" to sing at church, that was just a kind gesture from a fan! haha! - He probably just wanted to give it to Lindsay, but felt bad leaving me out ;)

Nicole said...

yeah I'm like the first part you... never been able to sit through an episode. said...

Glee is pretty awesome! Victoria loves it! Quinn reminds me so much of Dannah Draper...I find they look alot alike! Loved the V-Day eposide as well! Hilarious!

nancy said...

Ha ha,Jillian,
You joined us Gleeks! Hmmm, getting paid at church to sing?! That must have been on my week off LOL! Actually, you ladies are wonderful singers and I am always being asked when the girls are going to sing for Buster!