Friday, February 11, 2011

If I ever see Carrie Underwood, I'm going to shoot laser beams of death out of my eyeballs at her. (AKA The "I'll Miss You Mike" Blog)

First off, I have good news. My Bieber Fever has passed.

Phewf. I was legit worried there for a while, as I know some of you were too. I really think it was just the headache. (It was a bad one). When I got in my car to go home from work yesterday, the first song that came on the radio was that Bieber song "You Smile, I Smile". (Which really does make me smile, because it makes me think of Brenda telling us she thought he was saying "You smell, I smell".) Anyways, I held my hand in mid-air over the buttons, trying to decide if I was really a fan of the Biebs or not. Because if I was, I'd have listened to sappy shit song. But instead, I changed the station.

To a rock station playing "Thunderstruck".

And just like that. It was over. (But I still do want to see the movie, for curiosity's sake.) Also, my teenaged-movie-buddy Brittany texted me last night after reading the Blog to tell me she does NOT have Bieber Fever, but she's being dragged against her will to the movie with a few friends. So I don't even have her to use as my cover.

Anyways, moving on. Yesterday, there was big news in Sens world. Big, bad Sens news. News that brought tears to my eyes and broke the hearts of many women - of all ages, married, single, what have you. Pretty much any female who has any appreciation for a sweet, good-lookin' dude on skates.

Our beautiful Mike Fisher has been traded. To NASHVILLE. Ya know who lives in NASHVILLE?

That blond-haired witch that he married. That stupid, selfish, eeeeeevil Carrie Underwood.

See? See the evil in her eyes??

I knew it. I knew when she came swooping in and stole him away from all of us that it wasn't going to end well for the female side of the Sens Army. But we sighed and smiled. Such a pretty girl. Such a beautiful voice. Such a superstar darling. How could we begrudge our beloved Mikey this wonderful girl?

He popped the question. They got married. Their wedding was front-page news. We oohed and aahed over their honeymoon pics. We had fun spotting her at Sens games.

But I think we all knew it was coming. Whispers that Carrie had no interest in settling in the luxurious home Mike was building for them in Kanata were hard to ignore. Rumours floated from the first moment we heard they were dating that one day she'd be forcing him to ask for a trade to Nashville, her home base.

And yesterday, it all became reality. Fisher's gone. And in return, we get a first-round pick at the draft this year and a conditional 2012 pick.

That's it? We get a couple of picks and Nashville gets the second-hottest guy that ever donned a Sens jersey? (We all know who #1 was...don't even argue with me...)

It SUCKS. I don't care if he was making too much money. I don't care if this is a sign of good things to come. The re-build has begun, and that's supposed to bring hope and optimism for a brighter future for this team that, for the past few years, has been spiralling downward into the abyss, and are currently second-last in the whole league.

But if it had been me? We'd have got rid of Alex Kovalev. Chris Phillips. Jarkko Ruutu. Sergei Gonchar. Anybody but Fisher.

I guess those changes are still to come. But to start it all with the fan favourite? The stud? The guy who gives his all to the community?

Not cool, Bryan Murray. Not cool at all.

So I blame Carrie. For sinking her claws into our good Canadian boy, dragging him into her spotlight, and making him believe that her home is where he needs to be.

God help her if we ever cross paths.

Thanks for the good times, Mike. You were pure class, all the way. Ottawa will miss you dearly.


Ashley said...

Such sad new. :(

I officially am no longer a Sens fan now that the hotness is gone from the team. Damn you Carrie Underwood.

Stacy said...

I am not a Sens fan but I am a Mike Fisher fan...what will happen if this marriage doesn't even work...everyone will hate him for leaving for NOTHING...

Jill said...

It's soooo sad. But I won't stop being a Sens fan because of it...I survived the loss of Wade, I can survive anything...

PKB said...

So very, very sad. But we all knew it was coming. They will make beautiful babies together. Maybe we will get someone of equal hotness down the road.

Nicole said...

Darn I was hoping she'd move up there and become a stay at home wife or something. I'm not a Carrie Underwood fan... AT ALL! She has a few good songs but other than that, she just drives me nuts.

Nicole said...

of course, not that I'd wish her on other people... LOL

Sharon said...

Some icing on the cake Jill, Wayne and I were watching sports net and the headlines in Nashville were:

Predators get Carrie Underwoods husband in trade with Ottawa.

OUCH! No more high profile for Mikey, he's now Mr. Underwood.

sara said...

Oh Jill- you'll be okay! I have never been a Carrie fan at all- but I think it was dumb that KISS FM stopped playing her music yesterday because of it all. Kind of makes us look like immature crybabies here in Ottawa!! Hey- you never know, maybe you'll get another hottie.. one that's single!! :)

Stacy said...

Sara - I laughed at Kiss FM's comment about not playing Carrie Underwood, I'm an insider, and they sent an email today saying that they have been getting a lot of talk about the whole thing and they said that because THEY DON'T PLAY CARRIE UNDERWOOD on KISS...haha - they go on to say Good Luck and if you do want to listen to Carrie, to head over to their sister station, Y101

Anonymous said... are a riot! I love reading your blog :) BTW - Redden was...I mean is an addict....get over it! Fisher...well....I agree he has class! Let me know when you want to go on a roadtrip to the country music mecca.....we could have some fun phishing for Fisher!!!!! Erin