Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Must Be Sick.

Yesterday, I confessed to being a Gleek.

Today, is it possible I have Bieber Fever?

No. No, absolutely not. I have a headache, that is all. No Bieber Fever. There's absolutely no way.

I've been making fun of that little twerp for as long as his shaggy head of hair has been bobbing around. When his songs come on the radio, I change the channel. I laughed when Barbara Walters picked him as one of her most fascinating people of 2010 (or whatever her list is called). I cringed with the Canadian Tenors featured him on their Christmas TV special.

I don't care if he's friends with Usher. Still not interested, Bieber!

Just a few weeks ago, I was talking to a big fan of the Biebs, and I was telling her how I just couldn't - could NOT - get on the Bieber bandwagon. The baby-faced pop sensation is just way too cutesy-wutesy for me.

But then. Then I saw the preview for his new flick Never Say Never. And as I watched the clips of baby Justin growing up, banging on pots and pans and making it sound like music, then spiralling upward into superstardom, from his grainy Youtube videos to packed stadiums of screaming teen girls, I kind of got goosebumps. Chills.

And I found myself thinking, "Dude, where could I find a 15-year-old girl to go see this with me?" Because I'd definitely need a cover. An "Oh, she reallly wanted to go, so how could I say no?" excuse. And I'm afraid my teenaged-movie-buddy Brittany (big Eminem fan that she is) just might not be into the Biebs.

Sick, I tell you. I'm sick.

Britt, if ya wanna go, gimme a call.

9 comments: said...

OMG Jill...Tori will go with you!! haha! She has a friggen GIANT size poster of him behind her bed! Like bigger than life-size. All she can talk about is his upcoming flick!

For xmas I got her the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil tickets and upon opening she was somewhat disappointed that they weren't Justin Bieber concert tickets...!!!??? Not sure whether she thought I was flying him in for a private concert?? To my knowledge he isn't scheduled to come to Ottawa anytime in the near future! lol! Ahhh to be young again!! ;)

Stacy said...

well Jill - looks like you might have found a partner...I cannot say that I am jumping on the Beiber band wagon, however I have seen some 20 somethings on FB gushing about seeing the movie maybe it's okay if you want to see it!

Ashley said...

Now this is where I draw the line Jill. I love me some Glee, but Bieber is pushing it. I'm not a fan in the least. You're on your own on this one. :)

Love the Puck bling by the way, good choice!

Jill said...

hahaha!! Les, that's too funny, that Tori was hoping for tix to a non-existant concert!! Maybe I'll round up a pack of teens to come with me. LOL!

I'm sorry, Ashley, forgive me...I really don't like him, I swear. I think this headache has me going loopy... (and thanks again for sending me the link for the Puck bling! I love it!!)

Lindsay said...

PICK ME!! I wanna go see the movie!!! LETS GO!

Jill said...

OK, so now I've got Lindsay and Tori...still waiting on Britt to pick up the

Nicole said...

you crack me up!

Stacy said...

i am still new at this blog stuff but what is the puck bling?

Jill said...

Off to the side, below my hit counter, is there a flashy Glee ad with Puck on it? Please tell me he's there and that Ashley & I aren't the only ones who can see him. lol Ashley sent me the link to a website where I just had to copy & paste the code to get him to show up, all flashy & hot...I adore my Puck bling.