Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Justin Bieber Experience...And Another Good Guy Bites the Dust

Okay. So we've established that I'm a Gleek. And we've established that I may or may not have Bieber Fever. I'm still not entirely convinced.

What I am convinced of? That I adore when the Glee cast does Bieber. That, for sure, I'm in love with.

Now last week I was in love with Puck. This week my fickle heart pulled me more towards Sam. Yes, it makes sense, since he was the leader of the Bieber Revolution in glee club. He started his own one-man tribute band called The Justin Bieber Experience, and when he pulled out the guitar and started up an acoustic version of the Bieb's "Baby"? I was smitten.

Of course, the Glee girls went nuts for it too, thus prompting the majority of the other Glee guys to join Sam in The Justin Bieber Experience. (Highlight: Puck's reaction when Sam told him they had to do something about his hair. And the hoodie with the Bieber hairpiece that he ended up wearing.)

Everyone but Finn, because he and Sam are fighting for Quinn's heart, and Finn refuses to join forces with the enemy, or perform music by an artist that he does not respect.

Funny enough, by the end of the episode, Finn had caught the Fever too. It's inescapable, people. Once you stare directly at the Bieb's amazingness, you are trapped. Trapped, I tell you!

Now, if I'm being honest, as much as I loved the Bieber theme of the night, I do think Glee missed the boat on this episode. Their assignment was 'Anthems' and somehow, that turned into Bieber? I actually agreed with Sue Sylvester (not my favourite part of the show) that they were wasting away this wonderful opportunity to showcase some of the best anthems in music by getting caught up in Bieber Fever. I know, Bieber's pretty iconic right now, but are his songs anthems?? Hell no.

So as much as I did love the Bieberness, I sort of wished they'd saved him for another night and done more musical performances like My Chemical Romance's "Sing". It was pretty awesome.

But I must move on from the Glee/Bieber extravaganza now, because last night, my Sens traded away another one of the good guys.

No, Chris Kelly isn't up on the pedestal where Mike Fisher resided, but he was a veteran presence on this team, and another one of those guys that worked hard and gave his all every game. He was a third- or fourth-liner most of the time, but when he was on the ice, he was giving it his 110%, all the time.

Last night, after being named the "Hardest Working Senator" by the Team 1200 after another loss, this time in a shoot-out to the New York Islanders, Kelly was traded to the Boston Bruins for a second-round pick in this year's draft.

The re-build continues. The fans are supposed to be happy about this.

It just sucks that we're letting all the good guys go first.

And this time, I don't have a country-singing diva to blame for it.

Good luck in Boston, #22.

2 comments: said...

HAHA! Good episode, eh? I actually said out loud ~ and yes, in front of Victoria ~ that I enjoyed the Glee club signing the songs more than Justin himself...She wasn't too impressed with me! lol!

Jill said...

See, that's how I know I don't REALLY have Bieber Fever...because I also preferred the Glee versions of his songs! lol