Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Wishes from Jill's World!

The Eve of Christmas Eve...The excitement continues to build as the big day approaches!

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, Christmas Eve is, without a doubt, my most favourite day of the year. It beats out my birthday, it beats out any other holiday. It even beats out Christmas Day itself. There's nothing I look forward to more!

Usually Christmas Eve day I make a trip to Shawville to pick up snacks and treats for the holidays, then I watch a Christmas movie (Miracle on 34th Street), and wait for the rest of the family to gather at Mom & Dad's for dinner. After dinner, we go to church for Christmas Eve service, which is also my most favourite church service of the year. There's nothing quite like hearing Rolly play "Silent Night" while everyone holds candles and sings along at the end of the service...absolutely beautiful.

And THEN...the party begins!! We all head over to Patti & Randy's next door, where the drinks will flow, the snacks will be too die for, and the guitars and singing will be in full force. What better way to put in some time while waiting for Santa?! Almost a guarantee that our family anthem, "The Coconut Song", will be played at least ten times. Maybe more.

So while I look forward to the traditions and fun of my favourite day of the year, I hope you all have your own traditions and festivities to anticipate and be excited about. I hope this Christmas finds you happy and healthy and full of joy.

Merry Christmas...and see you in 2010!!!


Stacy said...

Merry Christmas to you too!
I have to say that nothing beats Christmas Eve than to hear everyone signing Silent Night in the darkness at usually brings a tear to my eye actually (that is, if I am not chasing my child down the aisle) anyways Christmas Eve will be even more exciting this year...getting maddy ready for bed so that Santa can come....then to see her face in the morning with all her gifts will be priceless!
Happy holidays and I will see you at church tomorrow evening...

Kathleen said...

4 goals, 1 assist.

its time he gets his own blog entry.

Kovalev, qui d'autre?

Jill said...

A Blog is coming, I promise, just haven't had time yet! And I'm pretty sure it's NOT going to be about KOVALEV!!