Monday, December 21, 2009

Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood: ENGAGED!

It would appear that country superstar Carrie Underwood got a pretty nice early-Christmas present from Ottawa Senators superstar Mike Fisher.

All the buzz on the gossip blogs, Twitter, and sports websites this morning was that Fisher proposed to Underwood yesterday, and she said yes. A family friend of the Underwoods' was the one to break the story wide open by posting a congratulations message on Twitter, and the news spread like wildfire. Fisher confirmed the rumours at the Senators morning skate today.

You could just hear the cries of despair and anguish from the female public in Ottawa!

It does seem as though Mike's got himself a pretty down-to-earth, sweet girl (as down-to-earth & sweet as you can get in a celebrity these days, anyways) - and I'm sure she must share his values and morals, as he is a very religious and spiritual person who has never been shy to talk about his faith. I'm quite happy to see one of Ottawa's most eligible bachelors ready to settle down and get married.

Hell, if I can live through Wade Redden's engagement & marriage (and the beautiful wedding photos that almost made me cry!), then I can be happy for anyone!

Best wishes to the future Mr. & Mrs. Fisher!!


Stacy said...

lsat night they were interviewing people on the street and what they think about Mike Fisher being "off the market" and some people out there are actually obsessed and thinks that they should have been the was sooo funny! One girl was like well I like Carrie but I really thought I was the one that he might have picked...oh well!!
Like you would say that on national television....but I am happy for them...hopefully it lasts and they have beautiful babies together!

Lindsay said...

I'm happy for them too! I'm extra happy for Carrie for the HUGE rock that is on her finger, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

why no Kovy thread?

Jill said...

I have nothing nice to say about Kovalev this days... So I'm keeping my mouth shut. ;)