Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Success for the Pigott Brothers!

There's nothing I enjoy more than bragging about the Pigott Brothers' successes on the Blog.

I know I wasn't the only Canadian to "discover" them in the summer of 2008 on Canadian Idol, but I feel like I've been there from the beginning, so to speak, and it's awesome to see Oliver and Sebastian Pigott reaping the rewards of their hard work now, a year and a half later.

Sebastian has just finished his stint as Kai Booker on the popular CBC show Being Erica. Throughout the second season of the show, we learned that Kai was in the same time-travelling therapy that Erica was in, except that he was a "refugee from the future". He had been sent back to learn from a past regret (in his case, not finishing one of his songs, which led to a tumultuous life as a rock star and guilt over the suicide death of his best friend and bandmate, Travis). However, Kai had decided to stay there in his past, choosing to ignore his therapist and remaining a 22-year-old barrista at a coffee shop rather than going back to being a 32-year-old troubled rock sensation.

In the finale episode last Tuesday, in a pivotal and moving moment, Sebastian performed the single he and Oliver wrote, "Alien Like You" - known as Kai's unfinished song on the show. It was a beautifully bittersweet moment, as it became sort of was his farewell to Erica, and also his acceptance that he had to return to his real life, ten years into the future. Not only was it an emotionally-charged scene, we also were treated to a Kai montage, a series of clips of him & Erica from scenes throughout the season. So cool!

Following the Season 2 finale, the Pigott Brothers released their version of "Alien Like You" on-line for download. After a full week, it is currently the top download at, and Kai's version is also available on iTunes (search for "Sebastian Pigott").

There are currently no plans for Sebastian's character to return to Being Erica next season, but one can only hope that they'll find a way to work him back into the show. It was such a great feeling to turn on my TV every Tuesday night for the past few months and see him on Erica, a gig that allowed him to showcase both his acting, and his & Oliver's musical talents.

Even if Sebastian is not back, though, it appears that the Pigott Brothers are finally getting the recognition and fame they deserve. With the success of their single "Alien Like You", and an upcoming video release of the song "Rich Man" from their Pigottry album, the brothers continue to roll along, gaining momentum and fans as they go.

I'm so happy to be along for the ride!


Stacy said...

haha - i watched that show and didn't even know that was him!

Jill said...

And wasn't he GREAT?! :)

bb said...

Ok, I'm a little late to the game. I'm in the US and we're just now getting to know the character of Kai on Being Erica. I had no idea that he really is a musician. Is there anywhere to get the entire song of "Hard to go"?

Jill said...

Hey! Glad to hear of our US neighbours finally getting in on the Pigott awesomeness...I haven't found a full version of "Hard to Go". The Pigott collection can be found at or search Pigott on iTunes. All worth a listen! :)