Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooktacular, Spooktacular!!

Good morning ladies and gents, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

It's one of my favourite days of the year - when spooks and spirits rise up and roam the earth, when little children giddily don their costumes and trail from door-to-door begging for treats, when scary movies are on practically every channel on TV. Today, I don't have to wear my Mountainview uniform. Today, I get to wear an orange wig, black & orange glasses, black & orange nail polish, an orange boa, and kitty ears. What am I, you ask? I don't really know. I've been told I look like Velma from Scooby Doo wearing kitty ears. I've been told I look like Josie from Josie & the Pussycats. Either way, I don't look like Jill, and that's all I was aiming for!

Now I do have a dilemma today. It's been my tradition for the past few years to watch a scary movie after the trick-or-treaters have all come and gone on Halloween Night. But now I can't decide which movie to watch. Usually I watch a bunch of scary movies around this time of year, but this year, the only one I managed to squeeze in was "Stir of Echoes" on Sunday afternoon, and I ended up falling asleep 10 minutes in. Now, I know I can watch a scary movie anytime, but it just won't have the same appeal to watch one tomorrow night. So this is where you guys come in...Help me choose!

The options are as follows:

Halloween: H20 - It's one of my favourites, with Josh Hartnett starring as Laurie Strode's son John, and he gets to meet his uncle Michael Myers 20 years after he last stalked his mother on Halloween. Right now, this is the flick I'm leaning most towards, mainly because of Josh Hartnett.

Carrie - It never fails to chill me, despite the cheesy 70's horror movie style. Carrie is a character you feel sympathetic for, as she is bullied and teased for her introverted ways, but when she unleashes her horror on her classmates at the prom, she becomes one of the biggest monsters in cinematic history. I watched it last year on All Hallow's Eve, so maybe I should make it tradition?

An American Haunting - I just saw this movie for the first time last year, a few weeks before Halloween, and I loved it. It was an authentic, spine-tingling ghost story with a twist that left my head spinning. I haven't watched it since, so it keeps popping up in my head as an option.

Silence of the Lambs - It's another one that I haven't watched in a long time - in fact, I can't really remember what even happens, other than the standard Hannibal Lecter images that never quite leave your memories. I got it for Luke for his birthday, and I think it's still in the wrapper...Might have to open it tonight!

Idle Hands - It's got some scary moments, but overall, this was a comedy set around Halloween when poor Anton's hand becomes occupied by the devil and all sorts of hijinks ensue. The real reason I'm thinking of watching it is because I might get too scared watching the others, and at least I know I can survive until the end of this one!

Pet Sematary - What would Halloween be without Stephen King? It's my favourite of his horror stories, and the creepy little zombie baby gives me the willies just thinking about him. The only reason I'm leaning against this movie is that I watched it just a few months ago, so perhaps it is too fresh in my memory.

OK - so those are the only choices I can think of right now that I really want to watch. If it were up to you guys, which one would you watch? Or have you any other scary movies that you can recommend that perhaps I might find while channel surfing tonight?

Have a spooktacular day!!

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priscilla said...

Psycho, although it's not really a horror movie, just scary!