Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Late, but Loooong

Hey guys!

Well, I didn't get around to Blogging about Survivor or Grey's Anatomy yet, so here it is - sorry it's late!!

We'll start with Survivor: The last time I wrote, things were looking awfully gloomy for my boy James. The tribal shake-up had him out-numbered on a team of dimwits who chose to throw a challenge in order to eliminate either him or Aaron. They decided to toss Aaron, presuming that he had stronger ties to his former tribemates than James did. Apparently, they presumed wrong, because this week, James' old buddies saved his ass BIG TIME!!

Now, the plan didn't come off without a hitch by any means. Concoted by Todd (who is growing on me with every episode - he's kinda like a little gay Tom Cruise. And no, Tom Cruise is not gay...) - the plan had them kidnapping James after winning the Reward Challenge. James would then, in turn, share his secret clue with Todd and Amanda so they could find the hidden Immunity Idol, because Todd had all the previous clues. They would then give James the hidden Immunity Idol, and upon returning to his new tribe, he would purposely help throw the next challenge (not hard, thought James, with that already being the girls' plan). Then he would go to Tribal Council, allow all his teammates to vote him off, and then promptly produce his hidden Immunity Idol. His vote would be for Jamie, thus sending her home, and completing Todd's crafty little plan. Meanwhile, he would also find the other hidden Immunity Idol at his own camp, which he would have to share with Todd and Amanda once the tribes merged, cementing their powerhouse alliance.

Brilliant, right??

Well...Things didn't quite go as planned. First of all, while James was gone, the giggling girls decided it was in their best interests to not lose the next challenge after Frosti refused to make eye contact and Sherea wouldn't talk to PG-13 at the Reward Challenge. Fearing their former allies had been swayed to the other side, the girls decided to fight back. The Immunity Challenge also wasn't an easy one for James to throw - an eating competition involving "Chinese delights". And we're not talking Chicken Balls and Egg Rolls here. They had to face off over chicken hearts, eel, chicken fetuses, rotten eggs, and stuff like that. James was baffled when he realized his tribemates were actually trying to win, and were quite handily putting the boots to the other team. James and Todd exchanged several pained glances as they realized their master plan was unraveling before their eyes.

But perhaps the most poignant moment of the challenge was when James went up against Denise over the under-developed baby chicks (beaks, claws, and feather included). She knew he was supposed to throw the challenge, and he tried desperately to do so, spitting pieces out and forcing himself to gag. But Denise just couldn't eat them. She tried and tried and couldn't get it down. Seeing her struggle like that was too much for James, and finally he quietly said, "I got it," and jammed the rest of the baby chick in his mouth, downing it with ease. Their plan had gone completely belly-up, and not even he could save it.

Fortunately, all was not lost entirely. James had the Idol and didn't need it, but things were still OK at the other tribe. While Frosti had accidentally become a part of the alliance with Todd, Amanda, Denise, and Courtney when he witnessed them finding the hidden Immunity Idol, they still had Sherea and Jean-Robert to target for elimination. Concensus was to get Sherea out, until Courtney reared her ugly head and demanded that Jean-Robert go. Things were a little up in the air until she got to Tribal Council and pissed off everyone, especially Todd, and they went back to their original plan of getting rid of the outsider Sherea. Thank God. Finally, something went RIGHT in this episode!! Not that I'm a big Jean-Robert fan, but that's my chosen tribe, so they had to get rid of one of their new members ahead of him!

Coming up this week: Looks like James misses the boat on finding the other hidden Immunity, Courtney and Todd fall out completely, and it looks like we're gonna merge! Yee haw for James for SURVIVING!!!

Now, I've already rambled long enough and no one cares about Grey's, but last week was one of my most favourite episodes ever. But forget about everyone and everything but this:

Alex. And Ava. YES!!!

The long-awaited reunion finally happened! Last season, he rescued her during the ferry disaster, they became close while she was hospitalized with a crushed face and amnesia, and then, when she got her face & memory back and her husband came to get her, she begged Alex to give her a reason to stay with him, and he told her she should go back to her husband.

Then, Alex realized he needed her and went back to get her, but she was already gone. *Poof* Just like that.

I've been hoping and praying for Ava's return this season, and when Alex pulled back the curtain to see her waiting for him in the pit...Well, my heart melted. They spent the episode re-igniting their flame, tangled together in the on-call room, where all the sexy rendez-vous' go down at Seattle Grace. Then Alex got called away when his old intern Norman had a massive stroke. And at the end of the show, Alex went back to talk to Ava, and she was already gone again, leaving her shirt so he could remember her smell.

So once again, I'm at loose ends with Alex and Ava, wondering what's going to happen. God, I hope they bring her on full-time. Alex deserves a real relationship. Alex deserves love. And Ava's the girl for him.

Keeping on the topic of Alex - I've realized from watching my DVD's and current episodes that his uniform when he's not in uniform is a sexy black wife-beater. Yum. I love it.

OK - so the recaps are late, but they're long, so that's gotta count for something, right?

See y'all tomorrow for a real, genuine Halloween Blog!!

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