Friday, October 12, 2007

There Goes the Perfect Season

Alright, so I don't think anybody really expected the Ottawa Senators to go 82-0 this season. But after winning their first 5, things were looking pretty snappy, and I for one thought it was entirely possible that they'd defeat the Carolina Hurricanes and extend their winning streak to 6 last night.

Well, apparently not. But they did give it one big last-ditch effort that almost worked; alas, they dropped the game 5-3, with Eric Staal squashing any glimmer of OT with an empty-net goal in the final minute.

With the score 4-1 in favour of the 'Canes with the minutes winding down in the game, Mike Fisher potted his first of the season. Moments late, Joe Corvo ripped one from the point, and suddenly all of those smarty-pants fans who had already raced to their vehicles looked like a big bunch of schmucks (by sister & brother-in-law included). For a few brief seconds, I was dreaming of that big comeback win that sometimes happens, a sort of miracle that takes place on ice when a team that's down and out dramatically roar back to steal the two points.

But then, Staal scored into the empty net, and time ticked down, and the drama faded, and I just shrugged and went to bed. Sure, it would've been fun to win it in OT or a shoot-out and maintain our sparkling record. But if we're going to have an on-ice miracle, do I really want to have it at the 6-game point of the season?


Meanwhile, my buddies over at Grey's Anatomy had one of their best episodes ever. I laughed, I cried, and I just loved them. Really Old Guy woke up, and antagonized Izzie, or "Blondie" as he called her, for almost the entire episode. One of my highlights - the scene where he tried to die by squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth and holding his breath, while Izzie informed him that he might poop the bed, but he sure wasn't gonna die like that. Unfortunately, and much to Izzie's chagrin, Really Old Guy did end up dying, and I thought it was really sweet of Izzie to gather the gang in his room to remember the times they spent with him during their lunch hours. One of those quirky, bittersweet moments that I love most about Grey's.

Meanwhile, Alex, who has been growing and developing and gradually becoming a more compassionate person and doctor for the past three-plus seasons, took a big step backwards last night. I like Alex for his bad-boy, "I'm an ass and I like it that way" attitude. But he really captured my heart in past scenes when he was carrying Izzie out of her dead fiancé's hospital room, or offering her his coat after she stood outside the hospital one whole day, or helping his Jane Doe pick her new identity, or confessing to Cristina that he misses Rebecca. But every so often, they give Alex another moment where he makes you want to slap him across the face. Last night, after he told an entire elevator full of interns who worship George that he's a repeater and that's why he knows so much, and then snapped at his old intern - well, that's exactly what I wanted to do to Alex. I wanted to slap the smug smile right off his stupid face.

But don't worry, I still love him.

Speaking of George, he's having a rough time. He's in love with Izzie, but he doesn't want to hurt Callie. He's got Izzie chasing him around begging him to end his marriage, and he's got a wife who suspects her marriage is over anyways, but he's torn between them both. I really feel for George. He's in bad situation. Finally, at the end of last night's episode, Callie told him to just say it, and he told her he slept with Izzie. Then fade to black...

God I love this show. I really can't wait to see what happens next!!

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

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Sharon said...

Grey's is taking over hockey... Jill are you ill. Maybe you should look into medication.

Loved the hockey part.