Friday, October 19, 2007

Sens WIN!! / Survivor SUCKS!!

I missed the first period of the hockey game last night; hence, I missed Wade Redden's second goal of the season, which he scored on the powerplay less than a minute into the game vs. Montreal last night. Apparently it was a bit of a blooper goal, and nothing I should really be all that proud of. But hell, Wade Redden scored a goal, and that's good enough for me! YAY WADE!!!!

The Sens blew a 3-1 lead, letting the Habs back in it with 2 powerplay goals. After Kovalev scored to tie it, I was a little on edge - but not for long. 24 seconds later, Jason Spezza scored his first of the season, and all was right in my world again.

It was Randy Robitaille's first game as a Sen after clearing waivers the day before, but I have to admit, I didn't really notice him. What I did notice was rookie Nick Foligno scoring his first NHL goal (assisted by none other than Wade Redden) - and his celebratory leap afterwards in tribute to his dad, Mike, who used to pounce off the ice like a jackrabbit when he played in the NHL back in the day. Between periods, they asked Nicky-Fo (Steve Warne started the nickname on TGOR, and I like it) if he would continue the trend for every goal he scores in the future, and he replied that it was a one-shot deal - a salute to his father that will not be repeated again.

I'm not going to talk about the soft goal that Martin Gerber allowed to get the Habs on the board in the first period; nor am I going to wonder if his less-than-stellar game had anything to do with Ray Emery being back on the bench and putting pressure on Gerber again to perform. I'd rather not have a goaltending controversy, and the media are flogging the damn thing to death. If you want to read about that, check out the Sun or the Citizen, I'm sure they'll have plenty of coverage.

Now, I was able to catch Survivor last night following the game. I haven't done a recap for you since my initial thoughts after Episode 1 - since then, we've said good-bye to Ashley the wrestler, Leslie the Christian Radio DJ, and Dave the annoying ex-model.

Last night's episode was what I like to call "The Survivor Episode from HELL". The nitwit brains behind the operation decided it would be fun to have the two tribes swap two players, with the opposite tribe choosing the two strongest players in their eyes to join them.

Up to this point, my favourite tribe has been the tribe with the two hot men: Aaron, the HOTT surf instrutor, and James, the HOTT, buff, sexy, delicious gravedigger. Yes, ladies...that's HOTT with two t's. We're talkin' Colby Donadson HOTT here.

So naturally, the weaklings over at the other camp chose to take Aaron and James from the other tribe. They're complete idiots, of course, and didn't realize that they would have to give up two of their members in return. They were clicking their heels over the idea that the numbers would now swing in their favour 7-5. Apparently, it never crossed their minds that the other tribe would get the same note that they did. The other tribe chose to take from them Frosti, whom I still can't take seriously, and Sherea.

A fair trade? I think not.

Things just went from bad to worse when PG-13 and Jamie put their heads together and decided that if they wanted to keep the numbers in their original tribe's favour, they'd need to get rid of James and Aaron pronto, which would mean purposely attempting to throw challenges. That's not an easy task with James and Aaron on your side, but they managed to do it anyways. It was painful to watch them giggle and laugh throughout the challenge as the purposely put puzzle pieces in the wrong spots. I wanted to slap Jamie across the face when she chucked one part of the puzzle way off in the tall grass. It was even more difficult to watch James trying to figure it out afterwards and scolding the girls for their silly behaviour. It didn't seem to dawn on him or Aaron that they had purposely lost the challenge.

I was grasping at hope when Erik found out that his girls had thrown the competition, and I saw his expression darken with disapproval. However, despite the fact that he thought it was wrong to lose on purpose, he chose to stick with his tribe and vote out one of the "new guys". One of the HOTT guys. ARGHHHHH!!

James asked them to send him home, because he didn't want to continue playing the game with people who tried to lose. However, the girls figured that Aaron had stronger ties with his old tribe than James, so they sent him packing instead. Either way, I knew the elimination was going to suck. To see those two stupid bitches sitting there with stupid smiles on their faces, so pleased with themselves, while two of the strongest players in Survivor history were on the block, made me want to vomit. Even Probst looked disgusted with this sickening turn of events.

So unless James can work a miracle next week, the girls will be trying to throw the challenge again to get rid of him. I'm hoping between now and then, he & Erik can bond and form a secret alliance to try and overthrow the girls' stupid plan.

Otherwise, I may forever remember this ridiculous Survivor twist as the most horrible twist ever!!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and for those of you who are on the Car Rally tomorrow - see you along the trail!!

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Sharon said...

Hi Jill.

Wayne was so pissed at Survivor as well. Not so much at the twist because he's not fizzed by the HOTT boys... but because those nit wits threw the challenge.

I knew that you would be heart broken, I drove in and got in the door just as Aaron was leaving and I thought instantly that Jill was going to be pissed because he was a good looking chap.

Good on the hockey blog, I went to bed at 9:30, so I missed the edge of your seat ending.