Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scary? Nah...So Let's Try Funny!!

OK guys, I've got to apologize for yesterday's Blog. I was being lazy. I wanted to write a Blog, but I had Blog Block. So I took the easy way out, found a "scary story", and copy-and-pasted it onto my Blog, then pawned it off as my attempt at getting into the Halloween Spirit.

It was weak, man. I know it.

First of all, I ended up wasting a whole pile of time skimming allegedly spooky tales on Halloween websites. I could've written my own horror novel in the time it took me to surf through these long-winded, boring stories that all struck me as being mildly disturbing, but nothing quite like the bone-chilling literature I had hoped to provide.

Finally, I came upon the old urban legend of "The Hook". I recognized the title, the story was short enough, so I slapped it into my Blog, with a little header telling y'all that it was one of my favourites. OK, so maybe it was ... when I was seven. I re-read it this morning, and while I do realize it's a classic "scary story", it's really nothing compared to the blood-n-guts horror we're all used to. It wasn't spine-tingling. It wasn't chilling. It wasn't gruesome. And it definitely wasn't blood-curdling.

So I promise, in the next few weeks, when I get Blog Block again and decide to search for another scary story to share with you - well, I'll make sure the next time that it's at least a little bit freaky.

In the meantime, if you want a few good laughs, check out the following link:

If you've ever been watching Just For Laughs on the Comedy Network and you've seen this long-haired guy who stands with his head down and fires off the most hilarious one-liners you've ever heard ... Well, that's Mitch Hedberg. Mitch is my comedic discovery of the week. I've seen him perform a few times, but last Friday night, I chatted with a guy who's a big Hedberg fan. He told me to look him up, buy his CD's, and truly appreciate all that is Mitch Hedberg.

The dude is a riot. Even just reading his jokes crack me up. However, my Internet research also revealed that he passed away from a drug overdose in '05. His widow is Canadian comedian Lynn Shawcroft, and she continues to Blog daily about her memories of Mitch and the laughs he brought to the world. Kinda makes my discovery a little bittersweet.

Anyways - I'm now telling you guys to look him up. It'll be worth your while.

At least, more worth your while than reading that lame story I left for you yesterday...

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