Thursday, October 04, 2007

We're baaaaaaaack...

The NHL regular season kicked off last night with my beloved Sens facing off against a familiar foe: The Toronto Maple Leafs. I tell ya, there's nothing better to get the competitive juices flowing than sitting down to watch the valiant Red-Black-and-Gold take on the lowly Blue & White!

Now, I actually did miss the first period because I had Karate. When I arrived home, the score was tied at 2. I was a little bewildered. How could we be tied with the Leafs? The Sens have been touted all training camp-long as the Beasts of the East - the team to beat. The Leafs, on the other hand, have been the universal whipping boys of most in the hockey world. Definitely overspending for what they've got, and probably not going to make the playoffs for the third straight year.

Just the way I like it.

So we end up tied after 1 period?

Sloppy play, the family told me. Weak defence. Oh, and by the way, Wade Redden got in a fight.


I had expectations for my dearest Wade going into this season. I expected him to play his ass off, erase the painful memories of last season, go out and have a career season, and make the Sens want to sign him to a contract extension.

(Which probably won't happen now, especially after they signed Dany Heatley to a 6-year $45 Million extension before last night's opener. That's very good news for Sens fans. But I don't think they can afford Wade after this, even if he takes a "hometown discount". So now I'm bracing myself for the departure of my darling golden boy at some point this year. And it hurts...oh it hurts...)

But back to last night. Of all my expectations for Wade Redden, the fight wasn't really something I was anticipating. But apparently he did go toe-to-toe with this Newbury guy. I didn't see it, so I didn't really believe it.

Until late in the second period, when all of a sudden he was puttin' up the dukes against Bates Battaglia. And he actually landed some good punches! He definitely stood his ground and I was proud of him. Plus, he looked kinda sexy with blood streaming down his face...Very hot.

Two fights. Two fights on opening night. What's up with WADE??

So yeah...The Leafs went ahead 3-2, then Dany Heatley tied it up with the third period winding down. Then Heater scored again in OT to put the icing on the cake. Apparently he decided to throw his own party in honour of his new contract.

I'm hoping the celebration continues tonight, with the Leafs in town for the re-mnatch...



Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

Loved the blog!

You are taking Karate?

Sharon said...

Sorry that was from me!

Jill said...

haha...I wondered who my mystery poster was for a second! Yeah, I'm taking Karate & really enjoying it! Awesome workout, and I like the actual Karate stuff more than I expected!!

How was your birthday, Sharon? Hope you had a good one! :)

Sharon said...

Meh it was just another day basically lol...

Well that sounds really awesome.

I am going to be joining the gym here at school in the next couple of weeks and I got this awesome cookbook with really good recipes for healthy meals that don't require you to give up things like bread and pasta lol...

Kenny said...

Good blog Jill,
Wade impressed me last night with the fights. Glad to see that you are able to face reality with Wade likely being done in Ottawa.
If Bryan can get rid of Gerber and Wade willing to play for 4.5 5 million a year there is still hope that he might stay!

Jill said...

I'll never give up hope on Wade Redden staying, not until his bags are packed and he's out the door. My my fingers are crossed for him to have a great year, and that he decides to take a paycut to stay here because he loves Ottawa so much. I'm hoping his girl is from here and she influences that decision as well. And yes, moving Gerber would certainly enhance the possibility of that happening. But most of all, I want him to get his credibility back. I don't want him to be a joke anymore.

Sharon said...

Jill I know this may make you angry, but it was so funny. Last night (Thursday) while watching the hockey game in the last 5 minutes. Wade gave the puck away to the leafs and Wayne said "Common Redden" and I was "What, what's happening" and Wayne said "Ah, Redden is such a little pip-squeak" I laughed and laughed because all I pictured was you lunging at Wayne and beating him to a pulp. Good thing you weren't there for real, just in my imagination lol

Anyways, TGIF

Jill said...

haha...Sharon, I get it from Dad & Luke constantly!! But honestly, I've been impressed with Wade for the first two games. He's sticking up for himself, and he's playing like a man on a mission - to prove that he's still a good hockey player!!

Loving the first two wins over the Leafs...Watched the game last night with Bill & Lindsay the Leaf fans, so it was nice to get the win!! GO SENS GO!!

Sharon said...

Will there be no blog on the game?!?!?!

K said...

Hey Jill,
I went to the game last night and it was awesome because there was maybe 10% of the fans that were leaf fans, a lot better than usual.
Anyways Wade has been impressive so far, had a little trouble standing up last night mind you. I'm getting a little worried about the penalties though we can't have him in the box as much as he has been, it will come back to haunt us

Jill said...

I was afraid with the banner-raising last night that it would be awfully embarassing when the whole arena started booing, but I was pleasantly surprised when the fans seemed to be predominantly OTTAWA fans!!

No game time!!

And you're right Kenny - I'm liking this new feisty Wade Redden, but he's sure not helping when he's in the box!!

Sharon said...

Jill, little dissappointed on the blogsphere here, feeling QUITE neglected.