Monday, May 14, 2007

Now THAT Was a Great Weekend!

What a weekend!

The Blog would like to wish Sara a Happy Birthday - hope you had a good time Saturday, even though someone broke your camera. (And that someone is still very sorry...)

Mere minutes after Sara left my basement, Joe Corvo scored in Double-OT to allow the Sens to take their first-ever 2-0 lead in a playoff series. You have no idea how excited I was. I think I almost fainted. It was an awesome feeling, especially after the Sabres tied it with 5 seconds to go in the third, causing me to almost puke. Then I started getting bad vibes, so the winning goal restored my confidence and made the victory that much sweeter.

It's a big game tonight, and I sure don't want them to let the Sabres up off the mat. Time to kick 'em when their down...GO SENS GO!!

Also, spent Mother's Day at the ball field, watching the Quyon Flyers take the West Carleton team 4-0 in their home opener. Congrats to the Flyers, and it was so great to have ball at the Quyon diamond again!

Have a great week, everyone!!


Sharon said...

Unfortunately I fell sleep after the 3rd period but Wayne woke me up to go to bed and told me the good news.

Hope the B-Day Party was fun, what did youall end up doing?

Sarah said...

was definitly a great game -- Stressful For sure!! I couldnt believe sabres scored with 5 secs left but thank god we were able to get the next goal!!
As the series goes on and we get one step closer to that big silver cup my nerves just get worse - i have had butterflies all day!!!