Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Duck Huntin'

OK, so my Sens lost Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday night. You probably think that I went into depression; that I puked and screamed and tore my hair out.

Not so. After all, it was only Game #1. But even more than that, there's this pleasant calmness that has settled over me. It's like no matter what happens now, I'm satisfied. Of course, winning the Cup would be amazing, but even if they don't, I feel like we've accomplished everything this team set out to do this year - they've shaken the label of "choking dogs", they've played out of their reputation of being playoff underachievers, they've transformed into true champions. They've done something that only two teams out of thirty get to do every year, and that's play for a shot at Lord Stanley's Cup.

Now, putting all of that aside, there's nothing more that I would love than to beat those nasty Ducks tonight!! I felt the Sens played probably their worst game of the playoffs on Monday night (why?? I have no idea...) - And they still only lost 3-2! I can't imagine the Ducks playing much better than they did on Monday night, so I'd say if we correct the mistakes we made on Monday and play a little more rough'n'tough, we should be OK.

One thing's for sure. I think I developed the quickest hate that I ever have for a team on Monday night. I knew very little about that team from Anaheim before these Cup finals started, but I can already tell you that I despise Chris Pronger, the Niedermeyers, Getzlaff...They all leave a yucky taste in my mouth.

So tonight, we'll go Duck huntin' again...And hopefully, this time, we'll have something to show for it.



Sarah said...

I'm so excited I could PEE my pants!!!!!


Jn said...

have you abandoned your blog?