Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Longest Day

Today seriously is going to be the longest day ever. It's 8:45 AM, and I'm already twisted up in knots of anticipation over tonight's game. Most fans are probably feeling care-free, excited about the chance to sweep the Buffalo Sabres tonight in our Eastern Conference Final.

For some reason, I'm envisioning complete disaster. I have no idea why. This 2007 Playoff Edition of the Ottawa Senators has been nothing short of spectacular, giving me no reason to believe they won't come out all guns a-blazin' tonight and do their absolute, utmost best to bring this series to a close on home ice at Scotiabank Place.

Right now, I'm just trying to breathe and relax. This should be a fun day. I should be happy as hell. I should be looking forward to tonight's game like no other. I should be jumping with joy, and oozing with confidence.

So that's my goal for today...the longest day.

I'm going to get Sens Fever - in a good way.



Sarah said...

oh Jill I am feeling the exact same way - im a bundle of nerves, excited and just cant wait for the 7pm start. All I can think about is the game. It's going to be a stressfull game we can count on one thing Miller will be playing his A game. ... okay I said game in that para way too many times lol

Sarah said...

Just a little interesting fact - all the years ending with a "7" 97, 87, 77 etc. it has been either a canadian team or detroit who has won the cup. And the last time Ottawa won the cup was 1927 right? ( most of you probably know this) so it can be like a 30 year Reunion with it.. haha

I know im getting little head of myself but I truely believe we are heading to the next round.


Jill said...

Soooooooooo hope you're right Sarah! I'm going nuts...literally nuts. I wish the game was on now...Arghhhhhh


Sarah said...

i obviously made a typo yesterday -it wouldnt be 30 yr reunion HAHAHA.. more like 80 yr reunion ..